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New Traffic Rules in India 2024, Motor Vehicle Act, Fines List Hindi/English PDF Download

Step by Step Guide to Download Fines List PDF of New Traffic Rules (Hindi/English) in India

The violation of Traffic Rules has been drastically increased for a few years. It in turn causes and leads to accidents and every year. Although, the government has been taking stringent measures, the violation of the traffic rules by the citizens has become inevitable. Considering the same, the Government of India has imposed New Traffic Rules under the Motor Vehicle Act. Moreover, the government has amended it to Motor Vehicle Act 2021. Under this New Act, the government will not be going to spare the public violating the traffic rules, will impose a huge fines for the faulty drivers.

New Traffic Rules in India 2021

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Here in this article, the citizens can find out the various types of fines along with rules and regulations added in the new act.

New Traffic Rules in India 2024

This article explains the Procedure to Download the PDF List of New Traffic Rules under the Motor Vehicle Act that will be implemented in India from 2021.

Know about Motor Vehicle Act

Let us see what is Motor Vehicle Act and the Features of the Motor Vehicle Act in India.

  • The Motor Vehicle Act was introduced in the year 1988-89 in India.
  • Using the Motor Vehicle Act, the government frame some rules and guidelines for the people using different modes of transportation.
  • The Motor Vehicle Act includes Registration of Motor Vehicles, Permits Control, Traffic Regulations and Insurance Penalties.
  • This acts says that all the vehicle drivers should have a Valid Driving License (DL).
  • The Vehicles without Registration is considered as illegal.

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New Traffic Rules Fines & Penalty (Hindi/English) List 2021

ViolationPrevious Invoice or PenaltyNew Invoice or Penalty
General (177)Rs 100Rs 500
Violation of Red Regulation Rules (177A)Rs 100Rs 500
Disregard of authority order (179)Rs 500Rs 2000
Driving unauthorized car unlicensed (180)Rs 1000Rs 5000
Driving despite disqualification (182)Rs 500Rs 10000
Driving without license (181)
Rs 500
Rs 5000
Over speeding (183)    Rs 400Rs 1000
Driving dangerously (184)Rs 1000Rs 5000
Drinking and driving (185)Rs 2000Rs 10000
Racing and driving at high speed (189)Rs 500Rs 5000
Overloading (194)2 Thousand Rupees and 10000 Rupees per ton extra20 Thousand Rupees and 2 Thousand Rupees per ton
Seat Belt (194B)Rs 1001000 rupees
Driving without permit (192A)Up to 5 Thousand RupeesUp to 10 Thousand Rupees
Violation of license condition (193)Nil25 Thousand Rupees to 1 Lakh Rupees
Passenger Overloading (194A)Nil1000 rupees per passenger
Overloading on a two-wheelerRs 100Rs.2,000 and License for three months
Not wearing a helmetRs 1001000 Rupees and License for three months
On not giving way to emergency vehicle (194E)Nil10000 rupees
On driving without insurance (196)Rs 10002000 rupees
Power of authorities to impose documents (206)NilDriving license will be revoked under 183,184,185,189,190,194c, 194D 194E
Crimes committed by enforcement of authority (210B)NilFine twice under related section

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New Traffic Rules India 2021 FAQ’s

What is the New Motor Vehicle Act in India?

The New Motor Vehicle Act 2021 was enacted to collect fines for a number of offenses such as Over Speed, Drunk and Drive, Over Speeding etc.

What is New Motor Vehicle Act in India?

The Motor Vehicle Act 2021 is an amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, which brings huge increase in fines aimed at making motorists more responsible road users.

What is the Section 194B in the Motor Vehicle Act?

Under Section 194B, the fine is imposed for the drivers who are not wearing the seat belts.

What is the new penalty for wearing the Helmet under New Motor Vehicle Act?

The new penalty for not wearing the Helmet under New Motor Vehicle Act is 1000 Rupees for three months.

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