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Koo Atmanirbhar App | Indian Alternative to Twitter, Features, Download Play Store (apk)

Complete Details about Koo Atmanirbhar App, Indian App Alternative to Twitter, Features, Download Play Store (apk)

Koo is an indigenously developed mobile app launched by the Government of India under the Atmanirbhar Initiative. The main motive of releasing the Koo app is to provide a platform for the Indians to share their regional languages’ thoughts. Moreover, the government claimed the Koo app as an alternative to Twitter, an online platform to share ideas and opinions online. Once the app launched officially, prominent personalities like Sadhguru, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath etc., downloaded the app from the play store and started promoting it online. Koo is currently made available in Android and iOS Play Stores.

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The interested users can download the indigenously developed Koo App from the Play Store and start sharing their thoughts on the microblogging platform.

Koo Atmanirbhar App 

This article explains the online users to download the Koo Mobile App from the Google Play Store, Features and Complete Details of Alternative to Twitter App.

Features of Koo Mobile App (Alternative to Twitter)

Let us see the features of the indigenously launched Koo Mobile App by the Union Government of India.

  • The latest digital initiative Koo Micro Blogging App, is an alternative to Twitter.
  • The app has been declared as the Atmanirbhar App by the union government.
  • Users can share their opinions / latest updates, discuss various topics, and follow celebrities from different backgrounds such as sports, films, politics etc.
  •  The major highlight of the app is the citizens can share their opinions in regional languages also.
  • Moreover, the government called this the Vocal for Local App.
  • The app is available on both the Android and iOS Platforms.
  • Besides the Mobile App, the government has also launched a portal for the Koo (
  • Using Koo, the messages can be written upto 400 characters and are called “Koo.” 
  • There are language communities that essentially show all content in a particular language.
  • Koo also supports the option for audio and video posts to make it simpler and more comfortable.

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Procedure to Download Koo Atmanirbhar App on Play Store (apk)

Let us see the online procedure to download the Sandes Messaging App online on the Play Store (apk).

  • Visit the Google Play Store on your Mobile Device.
  • Search for the “Koo Atmanirbhar Mobile App” in the search bar.
Koo Atmanirbhar App | Indian Alternative to Twitter, Features, Download Play Store (apk)
  • It then displays the app in the playstore.
  • Click on Install, and then the app gets downloaded into your mobile.
  • Now, mobile users can enjoy the services of the Koo Mobile App.

Note: The Koo Mobile App is also available for use on the iOS Playstore. Moreover, the process remains similar to the procedure mentioned above.

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Quick Links 

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Koo Atmanirbhar Mobile App FAQ’s

What is the main motive of launching the Koo Mobile App from the Play Store?

The main motive of launching the Koo Mobile App is to promote the indigenously made digital initiatives and encourage expressing citizens’ views in regional languages.

What are the regional languages in which the users can share their thoughts on the Micro-Blogging Platform Koo?

The Koo Mobile App supports different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada so that the online users can share thier opinions in their vernacular.

Can I download the Koo Atmanirbhar Mobile App online on Android and iOS Mobile Devices?

Yes, the Koo Mobile App is available both on Android and iOS devices for installing on mobiles.

Is there any website for the recently announced Koo Micro Blogging platform similar to Twitter?

There is a website called for the recently announced Koo Micro Blogging platform similar to Twitter.

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