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India VPN Block News | Indian Govt VPN Apps, Websites Ban, True or Fake?

The latest buzz among the media circles in India is that India is going to block the VPN (Virtual Private Network). After an official meeting, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs has requested the union government to block the VPNs across the country. The main objective behind this initiative is to provide cyber security to citizens across the country. If the blockage of VPN happens, it will avoid all the illegal activities of cybercriminals by enhancing the security feature.

If the VPN ban in India is imposed, the most affected will be gamers who access blocked games like PUBG using VPN service. Also, those who try to access any other type of online blocked material will not be able to do so if the Indian govt bans VPN.

India VPN Block News

This article explains the complete details of the Virtual Private Networks, Features and Benefits of VPN Technology, Truth behind the blockage of Virtual Private Network in India.

Currently millions of users rely on VPN to access blocked material. Many users trust VPN to hide their identity online. After there is news regarding the blocking of VPN usage in India is published, all users are looking forward to knowing what’s latest?

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What are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection from a device to a network over the Internet. It is most commonly used in the corporate environment. The VPN facility helps online users to hide their identities and ensure that sensitive data is transmitted safely. Moreover, it prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and allows them to conduct work remotely.

Advantages of VPN Virtual Private Networks

Let us see the benefits and advantages of the Virtual Private Networks Technology in India.

  • VPN has become the essential tool for corporate companies to carry their business operations.
  • Since the lockdown, the VPN tools have become more useful for remote work due to the work-from-home option.
  • VPN services allow internet users to access blocked content in the country and stay ‘anonymous’ online to a certain degree.
  • With the help of the VPN tools, you can mask your traffic to make it look like your IP address or your location is based elsewhere.
  • It conceals the identities of the users browsing the Internet online.

Will VPN be blocked in India? Is the VPN Ban news True or Fake

Many users want to know if the news regarding the VPN ban in India is true or not? That’s why we have listed some points that will help you to understand the truth.

  • According to the latest sources of information, it has been confirmed that there is a request on behalf of the Parliamentary Standing Committee to block VPNs in India.
  • The main agenda behind the blockage is to provide online security to citizens across the country.
  • Besides, by blocking the Virtual Private Networks, the government can safeguard the online users using the Internet.
  • The standing committee has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to coordinate with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to identify and permanently block VPNs.
  • The committee has also recommended the Ministry take steps to strengthen the tracking and surveillance mechanisms. The government can do this by improving and developing exceptional technologies to scrutinize VPN usage and the dark web in India.
  • All the above confirmed that the latest news about blocking VPN in India is confirmed.

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What if VPNs are blocked in India?

Let us what happens if the VPNs is banned in India as per the new announcement.

  • It restricts cybercriminals and illegal activities happening on the Internet in the name of the dark web.
  • The initiative will also restrict the usage of various VPN tools that steals the privacy of online users.
  • It also restrains cybercriminals from hiding their identity online on the Internet.
  • The blockage of VPNs also provides access to the trusted and genuine VPN Services in India that are safe and secure.
  • It also restricts the users from watching pornography and other websites that are illegal in India.

Indian Govt Bans VPN News FAQs

What are the benefits of Virtual Private Networks Technology?

The benefits of VPN include security to the companies, enable work from home option, conceal your identity, etc.

Who has requested the union government to block the Virtual Private Network Technology in India?

The Parliamentary Standing Committee has requested the union government to block VPN Technology in India.

Is the news about the blockage of the VPNs real or fake?

According to the sources of information, the news about the blockage of VPN services is real and true.

Why is the Parliamentary Standing Committee recommending blocking the Virtual Private Networks in India?

The parliamentary standing committee has recommended blocking the VPNs to ensure the security of online users and restrict cyber criminals’ activities.

Last Updated on September 2, 2021 by Hindi Yojana Team

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