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Har Ghar Nal Yojana UP | Eligibility, Benefits, Apply 2024-25 and Beneficiary Info

Complete Details about Eligibility, Benefits, Apply and Beneficiary Information of Har Ghar Nal Yojana UP 2024

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has very recently launched a scheme Har Ghar Nal Yojana, also called as Tap Water to Every Household. The scheme aims to provide Tap Water for Sobhadra and Mirzapur in Vindhya region. The Scheme worth Rs 5,555.38 crore that provides water to over 41 lakh families in two districts. As per the Jal Shakti Ministry, around 41,41,438 families will be benefitted from the scheme in both the districts. However, the scheme will be completed within the next two years to the fullest.

Har Ghar Nal Yojana Uttar Pradesh

Har Ghar Nal Yojana Uttar Pradesh

This article explains the Har Ghar Nal Yojana, Eligibility, Benefits, Online Application Procedure and Beneficiary Info.

Har Ghar Nal Yojana Uttar Pradesh

“The ‘Har Ghar Nal’ scheme operated under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a priority of the state government. The Prime Minister had set a target of providing drinking water through the ‘Har Ghar Nal’ scheme by the year 2024, which is being attempted in Uttar Pradesh by the year 2025- Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh.”

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Benefits of the Tap Water to Every House UP 

Let us see the benefits of the recently launched UP Tap Water to Every House Scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

  • The scheme would benefit all the villages of the Mirzapur and Shobadra Districts.
  • Around 41 Lakh Families will get benefited from the Har Ghar Nal Yojana.
  • All the villagers will get empowered under the scheme, and the scheme would benefit the farmers in the Vindhya Region.
  • The rural households of the Vindhya Region will experience the running water through pipelines under this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for Har Ghar Yojana UP

Let us see the eligibility criteria for the applicants to get eligible for the scheme.

  • The applicants must be permanent residents of Uttar Pradesh State.
  • Candidates applying for the scheme should belong to EWS.
  • The eligible applicants should possess all the required documents necessary for the scheme.

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Online Application Procedure to Apply Har Ghar Nal Scheme UP 2025

  • In this instance, there is no information about the Online Application Procedure of Har Ghar Scheme or the Application Process.
  • We will keep you updated once after there is an official announcement from the official sources. 

Beneficiary Information of UP Har Ghar Nal Yojana 

  • Under Har Ghar Nal Yojana, the UP State Government will ensure water supply through pipelines to 2,995 villages in the districts of Shonbadra and Mirzapur.
  • The scheme will benefit 21,87,980 Villagers in Mirzapur, and 19,53,458 Villagers in Shonbadra District will be benefitted under this scheme. 

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UP State Govt Official Portal

Har Ghar Nal Yojana 2025 FAQ’s

What is the scope of the recently announced Har Ghar Nal Yojana Scheme in UP?

The recently announced Har Ghar Nal Yojana is limited to the Mirzapur and Shobadra Districts of the Vindhya Region.

Who has announced the Har Ghar Nal Scheme in Uttar Pradesh?

PM Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone for the Har Ghar Nal Scheme grandly through Video Conferencing in the physical presence of UP CM Yogi Adithyanath in UP.

What is the main objective of launching this scheme in the state of UP?

The main objective of launching this scheme is to provide tap water connections through pipelines to every district.

Is there any news about the online registrations for the recently launched Tap Connections Scheme in UP?

In this instance, there is no news about the online registration procedure for the recently launched Tap Connection Scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

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