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Digital Voter ID Card Download with Photo | Apply, Online Application Form 2022

Now download your Digital Voter ID with Photo Online – Online Application Form Filling Guide for Indian Citizens

The Voter ID Card is the most important document for the citizens to cast their vote in the Assembly/Parliamentary/Panchayat/other elections. It looks like the size of a credit/debit card fits into a valet. Now, it is all set to change the manual voter ids into electronic or Digital Voter ID (EPIC Card). Yes, the government is allowing individuals to download Digital voter id along with photos in PDF format. This article explains the process to fill in the digital voter id request form.

The interested applicants can visit the official eci website and apply for their digitized voter id cards online on the designated web portal.

Digital Voter ID Download with Photo

Many people are not satisfied by the way their Voter ID card looks. Also, till now there was no provision to download it, like aadhaar card. Well, thanks to the election commission of India, now we can download the colored digital voter ID along with the photo. You can take print of this ID or material of your choice i.e. plastic, paper, etc.

The motive of this article is to explain the online procedure to apply for the Digital Voter ID Card, Features, and Benefits of the e-Voter ID Cards of the Indian Government.

‘The Digital Voter ID card scheme is launched on 25th January 2021. As per this program, the Digital Voter ID Card facility will be given to interested voters. One can download the Digital version of the Voter ID card (EPIC) and use it as their ID proof.

Features of the Digital Voter ID Card

Let us look at features of the digital voter id cards that the government has launched in India.

  • The Election Commission (EC) has launched a Digital Voter ID (EPIC) Cards to ease the process of the carrying the voter cards.
  • The candidates will be able to carry their voter cards on their mobiles in the electronic form.
  • Digital Voter IDs consists of all the details such as Name of the Voter, Voter ID Number, Polling Station and other details as similar to the manual voter cards.
  • The Electronic Voter ID is different from the Manual Voter ID Card because it is available in PDF Document Form that can be downloaded in a mobile or computer.
  • The soft copy also contains a QR code that will carry the voter’s enrolment details such as name and date of birth and address.
  • Moreover, this initiation will save a lot of cost to the election commission in printing and distributing the Voter ID Cards


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How Digital Voter ID Card is beneficial

Let us have a look at the benefits of the newly launched Digital Voter ID or E- Epic Cards as shown below.

  • The digital voter cards are in electronic form and can be carried easily to anywhere and everywhere.
  • It mitigates the fear of lost, misplace, and theft of the Voter ID Cards.
  • The digital initiation will benefit the Election Commission by making the cost of printing the manual id cards to zero.
  • The applicants are not required to visit any government offices or undergo long online application process to apply for the voter cards.
  • It saves the time and energy of both the citizens and the government officials.
  • The digital id cards can be easily downloaded and carried in digital form.

What is ECI Voter Portal

The Election commission of India has started a website for all the voters of India. This portal known as ECI Voter portal offers various online services to the voters.The services include : Applying for new Voter ID/Epic Card, Making correction to voter ID details, Voter ID Replacement, Deletion of Voter ID, Download E-Epic Card, Lodging complaints and checking application status.

Register on ECI Portal & Apply Online for Digital Voter ID

Before you could use the online services at the ECI Voter portal, you need to complete the online registration process. In this section, we are explaining the user registration process. Kindly follow:

  • First of all visit the official ECI Voter Portal @
eci voter portal login
  • Click on the “Create an account” option
  • You can register using your email ID OR Mobile Number
eci voter portal new registration
  • For example sake, we are registering using email account
  • Once you enter your email ID for registration, you will get an email in your email account
set password on eci voter portal
  • Use the email to set password to your account
Create password for ECI Voter portal
  • Once you have set the password, you will see the welcome message
  • Click on “Welcome” button to proceed & Complete your profile by providing required details i.e. Name, State, Gender.
  • Then you will be taken to Dashboard, where you can get various services related to e-epic
eci voter portal dashboard

You have successfully completed the user registration process.

Download Digital Voter ID With Photo as PDF – Online Application Form 2022, Apply

Let us see the procedure to apply for the electronic voter id cards online on the portal.

  • If you have not applied for Voter ID Card (EPIC) till now, click on the “New Voter Registration” link in the dashboard
New Digital Voter ID Card Apply
  • Click on “Let’s Start” to start the new voter registration process
  • Then follow the procedure to fill the new voter application online form
  • Once done, you will be able to check the status of your application and once application is processed, you will be able to download e-epic card online.

Online Voter ID Card Correction

  • If you already have Voter ID Card or EPIC Card and you want to make changes to it, you need to utilize the “correction in voter id” option in the dashboard.
Online voter ID card correction
  • Then, follow the procedure mentioned to make correction.

How to Download Digital Voter ID Card (E-Epic) PDF

In order to download the Digital copy of your voter ID or E-epic, kindly follow this process:

  • Login to your account on the ECI Voter Portal
  • Then, once in the dashboard, use the option that says “Download e-epic”
Download E- Epic Digital voter ID card download pdf
  • Then, follow the on screen options to download the e-epic as pdf file

Quick Links

Toll-Free Number : 1950

E-Voter ID Cards (EPIC) FAQ’s

When was Digital Voter ID introduced in India?

The digital Voter ID scheme or E-Epic Programme was launched on 25th January 2021

Do the applicants are required to take the printouts of Voter ID Cards at time of elections?

No, citizens are not required to take a printout or a hard copy at the time of casting their vote in the elections. The citizens can simply carry a soft copy of the voter card.

Are both the Digital Voter ID and Standard Voter Card the same?

No, the digital voter id card and manual voter card are not the same. The digital voter is available in electronic format and the manual voter card is available in form of a hard copy.

How to carry my digital voter id card at the time of casting my vote in the elections?

The voters can simply carry their digital voter cards in electronic format on their mobiles and cast their votes.

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