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CIBIL Score Improvement | How to Increase CIBIL Score, New Tips & Tricks Updated 2021, Check CIBIL Score For Free

Procedure to Improve CIBIL Score, Latest Tips & Tricks Updated 2021, How to Check CIBIL Score For Free

CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) is one of the popular credit bureaus in the country. It is an agency that generates reports based on your credit score. The lending institutions evaluate the generated credit score before they approve the loans and other credit-based financial products. The credit score is calculated on the different factors like payment history, length of payment history, applications for credit, the debt amount, credit mix, etc. The CIBIL Score should be between 700 Points to 900 Points to get loans from the financial institutions.

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We explain to you how to improve your credit score and other details regarding the CIBIL Score through this article.

CIBIL Score Improvement

This article explains the online procedure to define the improvement of the CIBIL Score, Latest Tips and Tricks to increase the Score, and check the Score.

Step by Step Guide to Check CIBIL Score for Free

Many websites are offering the CIBIL Score Checking Services. However, online users should pay the money to check the Score on those websites. Let us see the online procedure to check the CIBIL Score for Free online on the portal.

  • Visit the Official Portal of CIBIL Score
  • It takes the online users to the Home Page Below.
Check CIBIL Score for Free
  • Click on the Get Yours Now button on the Home Page.
  • It then redirects the online user to the following page.
  • Enter the Email Address, Create Password, First Name, Last Name, Select ID Type, ID Number, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Pin Code.
  • Click on the Accept and Continue Button.
How to Check CIBIL Score for Free
  • It then redirects the online user to below page, where the user is asked to submit choose the plan.
  • Click on the No Thanks Link on the following page.
  • On the newly opened page, Enter the Alternative Mobile Number, and Click on the Continue Button.
How to Check CIBIL Score for Free
  • The user can also click on the skip this question if he/she wants to skip the particular question.
  • Select the additional information like last 4 digits of credit, 5 digits of Driving License Number, name of the lender you have or had credit card / loan account.
How to Check CIBIL Score for Free
  • Select the Correct EMI Amount for Housing Loan and Select the lender who has sanctioned the loan amount to you.
  • It displays the alert : You have successfully enrolled.

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Check CIBIL Score for Free
  • It then displays the credit card and CIBIL score on the newly opened page.
Check Credit Score Free

Note: Besides this website, many websites are offering free CIBIL Score Services. Please check the links in the Important Links section in this article.

How to Increase / Improve CIBIL Score

Generally, the CIBIL Score ranges between 300 to 900 points. However, the credit score should reach minimum points to be considered as a good credit score. If the Score is closer to 900, it is considered a good score. If it is between 300 to 549, it is considered poor, and anything between 550 and 700 is considered fair. Let us see the tips to improve the credit score as shown below.

  • The parties should check their credit card reports regularly. The candidates can know about the delayed payments or unpaid transactions and make their payments. Thus, it increases the credit score of the individual.
  • The candidates should eliminate their credit card balances. Individuals should plan their spending’s on credit cards wisely by paying the EMI’s on time.
  • The candidates should clear if in case of dispute inaccuracies. If any discrepancies arise, the candidates should report them to the concerned authorities to settle down the disputes. It improves the Credit Score quickly.
  • It is a good idea to keep the old debts on your reports. Because the old debt reports indicate how soon you have cleared the old debts. Besides, it helps you in increasing your CIBIL Score.
  • Paying EMI’s in time will also help you to improve your credit card ratings. Always try to clear your monthly EMI bills on time to avoid the decrease in the CIBIL Score.
  • Try to reduce using your credit card for every transaction. It is always suggestible to keep the credit card utilization ratio to 30% or less. It improves the CIBIL Score drastically.

Latest Tips and Tricks to Improve your Credit Score

Let us see the following tips and tricks to increase your Credit Score.

  • The best way to improve your Credit Score is by paying the dues on time—practice discipline in paying your credit card bills and EMI’s that affect your credit score.
  • Please don’t use your credit often for the purchases and taking the loans. Always try to clear out one loan and try taking another loan later. It will improve your credit score. Taking multiple loans at the same time will decrease your CIBIL Score.
  • Balance the right combination in taking the loans. It means balancing the secured loans and unsecured loans. Please remember that too many unsecured results will harm your credit score.
  • Try to apply for the credit card within the limit.
  • Don’t ignore credit history and review it throughout the year.

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Quick Links 

CIBIL Official Website

Contact: Helpdesk

CIBIL Score Improvement

What is the complete form of CIBIL concerning the following article?

The full form of CIBIL is Credit Information Bureau India Limited concerning the following article.

Can I check the credit score for free online on the web portals?

Yes, the individuals can check the CIBIL Score for free on a few websites. However, a few websites will charge the money for the same.

Is taking multiple loans at a time a good habit to increase the credit score?

No, it is not a good practice to take multiple loans at a time. It affects the credit score of the candidate.

Are the PAN Card details mandatory to check the CIBIL Score online on the portals?

Yes, the PAN Card details are mandatory to check the CIBIL Score online on the websites. 

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