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CG Covid 19 epass | Chhattisgarh Curfew Pass Apply Online, Registration Form, Download App (apk)

Since the last month, many Indian States have been suffering from a high rise in the Covid 19 cases. It has been observed that the numbers have been drastically increasing and continuing the same. The states such as Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana have already been started imposing curfews to control the spread of the Covid 19 Virus in their states. Similarly, the Chhattisgarh government has initiated the Curfew giving some stringent guidelines to the public. Moreover, the government has also started issuing e-pass for people travelling or commuting in the restricted hours. 

The interested citizens of Chhattisgarh can visit the play store and downlaod the CG Covid 19 Pass Online.

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CG Covid 19 epass

This article explains the online procedure to apply Chhattisgarh Curfew Pass Online, Registration Form, and Download App (apk) online.

How to Apply CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass 

Let us see the online procedure to apply for the Chhattisgarh e-Pass Online on the Mobile App.

  • Visit the CG Covid-19 ePass on your mobile.
CG Covid 19 epass
  • Enter the Mobile Number and Click on the Generate OTP button.
  • It then generates an OTP to the given Mobile Number.
Apply CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass
  • Copy the OTP and Enter it in the respective field, as shown below.
  • Click on the Verify OTP Button.
  • Click on the District Traveler Registration on the new page.
How to Apply CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass

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CG Curfew e-Pass Online Application Form 

  • Enter the Type of Vehicle, Travel Date, and Select the Name of Service from the given options.
Apply CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass
  • Give additional information about the Purpose of Travel.
  • Enter the Vehicle Number Format, and select the Category of Vehicle.
  • Under the Applicant’s Details, Enter/Select the Name, Mobile Number (already filled), Age, Gender, District, and Block.
How to Apply CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass
  • Enter the City/Gram Panchayat, Complete Address with House Number, ID Type, and ID Number.
  • Click on the Checkbox: Are you the driver of the vehicle. 
  • Enter the total number of persons, including driver and applicant.
  • Click on the checkbox if the origin address is the same as the applicant’s address.
Apply CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass
  • Enter the Destination Address details such as District, Block, City, and House Number.
  • Upload the Documents such as Applicant Photo (Image File Only), Aadhaar ID with Applicant’s Photo, Aadhaar ID with Applicants Address, and Proof Related reason of Travel.
CG Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass
  • Under the Driver Details, Enter the Name, Age, Mobile Number, ID Type, ID Number, District, Block, City, and Complete Address with House Number.
Chhattisgarh Curfew e-Pass
  • Upload the ID Proof with Photo (Front) and ID Proof with Address (Back).
  • Please read all the terms and conditions and click on the I Accept the Terms and Conditions.
Apply CG E Pass
  • Verify all the details and click on the submit button.

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How to Download CG Covid-19 ePass Mobile App apk

Let us see the procedure to download the CG Covid 19 epass online on the playstore.

  • Visit the Google Play Store on your Mobile.
  • It takes you to the Welcome Page of the Play Store.
How to Download CG Covid-19 ePass
  • Search and Enter the CG Covid-19 ePass in the play store.
  • Click on the install button under the mobile app.
  • It then installs and downloads the CG Covid-19 ePass on your mobiles.
  • Open the app downloaded on your mobile and enjoy the services of the CG Covid 19 ePass on your mobile.

Chattishgarh Covid ePass FAQs

What is the benefit of the Chhattisgarh e-Pass to the state citizens of the Chhattisgarh?

The citizens of Chhattisgarh can commute in the restricted hours showing the e-Pass to the concerned police officials during the restricted officials.

What is the scope of the applicability of the Covid 19 e-Pass launched by the Chhattisgarh State Government?

The CG Covid 19 E-Pass is applicable in the restricted areas of Chhattisgarh.

Is there any mobile app available on the play store to download for applying to the e-pass?

Yes, the citizens can avail themselves of the CG Covid-19 ePass available online on the Play Store.

Is there any relaxation against Chhattisgarh Covid 19 E-Pass to the people working in the Government, Police, and other essential services?

Yes, there is relaxation for the personnel involved in Police, Administration, Healthcare, and other personnel.

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