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CBSE Date Sheet 2021 | Class 9,10,11,12 Time Table Download

Check out here the CBSE Date Sheet 2021 & Download Time Table for Class 9,10,11,12

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the examinations for class 9,10,11,12 in the upcoming months. The commencement of the exams is expected to be from next year for each class. For the classes, the 9th and 11t, CBSE may schedule in February or March. The students attending the following exams can download the Date Sheet or Time Table, which helps them prepare for the exams.

Students who wish to check the Time Table and download it can visit the official portal However, the students can download the time table once it is officially available on the cbse portal.

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CBSE Date Sheet 2021

This article explains the CBSE Date Sheet 2021, Online procedure to download the cbse timetable of classes 9,10,11,12 respectively on the official portal.

Download the Time Table for Class 9,10,11,12 @

Let us see the timetable for exams of different classes in detail, as shown below. Please remember that the dates we are giving you here are tentative dates that help you prepare.

Class 9th Time Table 

Day Date (Subject)Subject
Friday13 April 2021English
Monday16 April 2021Hindi
Tuesday17 April 2021Science
Wednesday18 April 2021Social Science
Thursday19 April 2021Sanskrit
Friday20 April 2021Physical Sciences
Saturday21 April 2021Foundation of IT
Monday23 April 2021Mathematics

Class 10th Time Table 

S.NoSubject NameExam Date (Tentative)
1Mathematics9 March 2021
2Hindi12 March 2021
3English14 March 2021
4Physics, Economics, Public Admin.16 March 2021
5Chemistry, Geography, Business Study19 March 2021
6Biology, History, Accountancy21 March 2021
7Physical Education23 March 2021
8Computer24 March 2021
9Fine Arts25 March 2021

Class 11th Time Table 

Date (Tentative)List of Exams
15th February 2021Dynamics of Retailing, Security, Automobile Tech, Introduction To, Intro To Tourism, Beauty & Wellness, Basic Agriculture, Food Production, Front Office Operation, Banking & Insurance, Marketing & Sales, Health Care Services, Apparel, Media, Multiskille Foundation Course

17th February 2021Home Science, National Cadet Corps, E-Publishing and E- Office

Info Technology, Marketing & Sales

20th February 2021Kannada, Arabic, French, Gurung, German, Japanese

22nd February 2021Urdu Course-A, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Sindhi, Marathi, Gujarati, Manipuri, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Tibetan, Russian, Persian, Nepali, Limboo, Lepcha, Telugu – Telangana, Bodo, Tangkhul, Bhutia, Spanish, Kashmiri, Mizo, Bahasa Melayu, Rai, Tamang, Sherpa, Thai, Urdu Course-B

24th February 2021English Communication, English Language & Literature

26th February 2021Elements of Book-Keeping & Accountancy

27th February 2021Hindi Course-A, Hindi Course-B

01 March 2021Carnatic Music Vocal, Carnatic Music (Melodic Instruments), Carnatic Music (Percussion Instruments), Hindustani Music Vocal, Hindustani Music (Melodic Instruments), Hindustani Music (Percussion Instruments)

02 March 2021Science- Theory, Science W/o Practical

04 March 2021Elements of Business

06 March 2021Sanskrit

08 March 2021Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Basic

15 March 2021Painting

18 March 2021Social Science
20 March 2021Information & Computer Technology, Computer Application

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Class 12th Time Table 

February 15

67- Multimedia & Web Tech, 72- Mass Media Studies, 735- Food Production IV, 738- Understanding the Evaluation and forms of Mass Media, 743- Retail Operations, 748- Information Storage & Retrieval, 794- Derivative Market Operations, 756- Intro To Hospitality Management, 801- Retail, 811- Banking, 813- Healthcare, 816- Horticulture, 818- Geospatial Technology, 819- Electrical Technology, 823- Cost Accounting, 826- Shorthand (Hindi), 832- Music Production, 834- Food Nutrition & Dietetics, 835- Mass Media Studies, 628- Autoshop Repair, 779- Textile Chemical Processing, 800- Security, 787- Electrical Machines

February 17

73- Knowledge Tradition & Practices, 804- Automotive, 805- Financial Market Management, 807- Beauty & Wellness, 808- Agriculture, 814- Insurance, 828- Medical Diagnostics, 627- Auto Engineering, 56- Kathak Dance, 57- Bharatnatyam, 58- Kuchipudi, 59- Odissi, 61- Kathakali

February 20

739- CRTV and COM PRAC MM, 795- Database Management Application, 49- Painting, 50- Graphics, 51- Sculpture, 52- App/ Commercial Art, 788- Electrical Appliances

February 22

37- Psychology

February 24

84- Physical Education

February 25

66- Entrepreneurship, 824- Office Procedures & Practices, 829- Textile Design, 777- Traditional Indian Textile

February 26

796- Web Application- Old, 803- Web Application- New, 821- Media

February 27

1- English Elective- N, 101- English Elective- C, 301- English Core

February 28

3- Urdu Elective, 22- Sanskrit Elective, 76- National Cadet Corps, 303- Urdu Core, 322- Sanskrit Core, 622- Engineering Sciences, 810- Front Office Operation, 827- Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, 830- Design, 831- Salesmanship

February 29

46- Engineering Sciences, 79- Library & Information Science- Old, 607- Typography & Computer Application English- Old, 609- Typography & Computer Application Hindi- Old, 747- Library System & Resource Management, 793- Capital Market Operation, 817- Typography & Computer Application- New, 820- Electronic Technology, 836- Library Information Science- New, 837- Fashion Studies, 778- Printed Textile

March 2

42- Physics, 625- Applied Physics

March 3

27- History

March 4

812- Marketing

March 555- Accountancy

March 6

28- Political Science

March 7

43- Chemistry

March 12

806- Tourism

March 13

30- Economics

March 14

44- Biology

March 16

822- Taxation, 31- Carnatic Music Vocal, 32- Carnatic Music MEL INS, 34- Hindustani Music Vocal, 35- Hindustani Music MEL INS, 36- Hindustani Music PER INS

March 17

41- Mathematics, 840- Applied Mathematics

March 18

74- Legal Studies, 608- Shorthand English- Old, 734- Food Production III, 809- Food Production, 825- Shorthand English- New

March 19

104- Punjabi, 105- Bengali, 106- Tamil, 107- Telugu, 108- Sindhi, 109- Marathi, 110- Gujarati 111- Manipuri, 112- Malayalam, 113- Odia, 114- Assamese, 115- Kannada, 116- Arabic, 117- Tibetan, 118- French, 120- German, 123- Persian, 189- Telugu – Telangana, 193- Tangkhul, 194- Japanese, 195- Bhutia, 196- Spanish, 198- Mizo, 192- Bodo, 199- Bahasa Melayu

March 20

2- Hindi Elective, 302- Hindi Core

March 21

65- Informatics Practice- New, 83- Computer Science- New, 265- Informatics Practice- Old, 283- Computer Science- Old, 802- Information Technology

March 23

29- Geography

March 24

54- Business Studies, 833- Business Administration
March 26

64- Home Science
March 28

45- Biotechnology

March 30

39- Sociology

Quick Links 

CBSE Official Website 

CBSE Date Sheet 2021 FAQ’s

What can one view in the date sheets of the CBSE Exams?

The date sheets are nothing but the time table released by the CBSE, where the students can view and download the examination dates from the official website.

Can I download the PDF file of the CBSE Date Sheet online on the portal?

The students can download the Date Sheet of the class 9th to 12th exams on the official website.

Where can I find the download link of the date sheet on the portal?

The students can find out the date sheets’ download link in the portal’s recent announcements section.

What is the tentative date of the release of the time table for the portal’s respective classes?

The time table is generally released officially on the portal before two months of the commencement of exams.

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