IGRS AP Encumbrance certificate (EC) | How to Search Online, Check Status & Download

IGRS AP Encumbrance certificate (EC) | How to Search Online, Check Status & Download

The common problem one faces before or after buying any property is the monetary or legal dues on the particular property. In order to prove that the land is free from any monetary or legal dues, there should be a certificate from the government acknowledging the same. That certificate is called “IGRS AP Encumbrance Certificate”, an initiation from the AP State Government issued by Registration and Stamps Department of of Andhra Pradesh. Through this certificate the owner of the property can guarantee that his/her property is free from any legal or monetary dues

However, people can directly get the certificate from online through the Stamps and Registrations Portal of the AP State Government. Besides, one can also avail other services like Village Directory, Stamp Duty Calculator, and List of Transactions on the particular property etc.

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AP Encumbrance Certificate (EC) | Find it Online, Status Check and Download

In this article, we explain you about the process of searching the Encumbrance Certificate Online, Checking Status and downloading it

How to Search for AP Encumbrance Certificate Online @ registration ap gov portal

Let us see the process of searching the Encumbrance Certificate Online on the AP State Stamps and Registrations Official Portal

IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • Click on the Encumbrance Search (EC) from the Services Section
  • It redirects the applicant to the below page that shows Encumbrance Statement
IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • Click Submit after reading all the instructions given on the eEncumbrance Statement
  • After you Click Submit, it takes you through the given below page that shows the heading “Search for Encumbrance”
IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • In the search criteria the applicant can find the Drop Down Menu and Year of Registration Field
  • Expand the Drop Down Menu. Now, the applicant can see Document No., Memo No. and None
  • The applicant can go for search for his/her Encumbrance through any of the above 3 options
  • If the Applicant Click on the Document No. and Memo No. he/she can see the below form
IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • In the above from, the applicant should select the Document No. or Memo No. ( Depends on the Option he/she chooses) , Year Of Registration, Received from SRO ( Enter the first few letters of your SRO Name/Code
  • Then, Enter the Captcha Code and Click Submit
  • The applicant can simply Click None in the Expanded Drop Down Menu if he/she is not sure about his Memo and Document Numbers
  • The applicant can see the below form, if he/she chooses the option None
IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • Now, the applicant has to select the name of his/her District on the top, Door Number , Plot No., Survey No. and Village Details in Open Sites/ Agricultural Lands Section, Direction Facing ,Extent,Built up in the section Bounded by and SRO Details in the end
  • After entering all the details Click on the Submit
  • It then displays the required details pertaining to the details given above
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IGRS AP Encumbrance Certificate: Check Status Online

  • The above image is the Statement of Encumbrance of Property , where in the applicant can observe his/her Personal details, Application Number ,Statement Number
IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • Also, the applicant can see the details like Reg. Date., Exe. Date, Pres. Date, Nature and Market Value, Name of the Parties, Schedule Number
  • It displays all the above mentioned details about the property. If your details are not registered it asks you to approach the nearest SRO

IGRS Encumbrance Certificate AP: How to Download Certified Copy

The above displayed Encumbrance Certificate is for the information of the applicant. However the applicant can download the Certified Copy of the Encumbrance Certificate as shown below

IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Download
  • Click on the option Online CC under the New initiatives section
  • It takes the applicant to the page to download the Certified Copy of Encumbrance Certificate
  • Now the applicant can download the original copy of the Encumbrance Certificate and Print the hard copy of the same

Quick Links

AP Registrations and Stamps Official Portal

Help Desk

IGRS AP Encumbrance Certificate FAQ

Do I need to upload any documents on the portal to search and download IGRS Encumbrance Certificate ?

No, the applicant no need to upload any documents to search and download the IGRS Encumbrance Certificate

What is the payment fee for downloading the Certified Copy of Encumbrance Certificate?

No, the applicant s can download Encumbrance Certificate for free of cost

Can one procure the IGRS Encumbrance Certificate without knowing the Memo and Documents Numbers of the Property?

Yes, you can still apply for the certificate by selecting the option None in the search for encumbrance section by providing the alternate details

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How to get the original IGRS Encumbrance Certificate Online ?

Go to Home Page and Click on the Online CC option and enter the necessary details like District Name,SRO Location, Reg_Doc Number, Reg_Year