Haryana E Pass 2021 | Curfew, Night Pass, Apply Online @saralharyana portal

After the Delhi Government’s decision, now the Haryana Government has imposed the night curfew. This decision has been taken due to the sudden rise in the Covid 19 Cases in the state. The night curfew has start from 12th April 2021. The timings of the curfew are Night 9:00 PM to Morning 5:00 AM. The government has strictly ordered the citizens to obey the rules and night curfew. It has also been mentioned that any citizens violating the rules will have to face the action as per the provisions of 51 to 60 of the disaster management act, 2005. Besides, the citizens will be booked under Section 188 of the IPC and other legal provisions as applicable However, the government has also given the provisions to the commuters who are travelling during the restricted hours.

Haryana E Pass 2021 | Curfew, Night Pass, Apply Online @saralharyana portal

The interested applicants should visit the official portal to apply for the night curfew pass in Haryana online.

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Haryana E Pass

This article explains the online procedure to apply for the Haryana E Pass for Night Curfew on the official Saral Haryana Portal.

“There shall be no curbs on inter-and Intra-State Movement of essential and non-essential goods. All vehicles/persons in bona fide transit shall be allowed to pass, but only after verification of point of origin and destination.,” the government said.

Highlights of Haryana Night Curfew

  • The main motive of announcing the night curfew is to mitigate the spread of Corona across the state.
  • The curfew is active from Night 9:00 PM to Morning 5:00.
  • The government has strictly warned that no individual should roam on the roads during the night curfew.
  • In emergency cases, the persons holding an e-pass are allowed to travel on the roads.
  • The interested candidates can visit the Saral Haryana Portal and register their passes online. 

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How to Apply for Night Curfew E-Pass in Haryana @ 

Let us see the online process to apply for the E-Pass for the night curfew in Haryana State.

  • Click Here to get directly redirected to the E-Pass Haryana services.
  • It then opens the online registration form for the night pass.
  • Under the Person Details, Enter/Select the Valid From Date, Valid upto Date, Category, Issuing Authority, Purpose, Profession/Designation, Movement From, and Movement to.
Haryana E Pass 2021 | Curfew, Night Pass, Apply Online @saralharyana portal
  • Enter Person Name, Father/Husband Name, Person Name, Father/Husband Name, Age (Years), Gender, Person Number, Person E-Mail, Identity Card Type, Identity Card Number.
  • Enter the Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, District, and Postal Zip Code.
  • Under the Vehicle Details, Select/Enter Vehicle RC No., Vehicle Make, Vehicle Color, and Vehicle Type.
  • Under the Additional Person Details, Enter the Name, Age, Sex, and Address.
  • Verify all the details and click on the submit button to collect the E-Pass Online on the portal.

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List of People Exempted from Applying the E-Pass

As discussed, the people should register online for -epass to travel during the curfew hours. However, people in a few professions are not required to carry an e-pass. They are

  • Frontline Workers of the society like Police, Emergency Services Personnel, Military, and Central Police are exempted from the night curfew.
  • Pregnant Women and People who need immediate medical attention are not required to carry any pass.
  • Moreover, there will be no ban on the Movement of inter-state and intra-state transport.
  • The people employed with media, health, electricity or fire department are also allowed to travel during the restricted hours.
  • It is to be noted that the Hospitals, Chemists, and ATMs remained open during the night hours.
  • People travelling from airports and railway stations can also be exempted. However, they should show valid Identity Proof on demand.

Haryana State E- Pass 2021 FAQ’s

What are the timings in which the night curfew will be active during the Haryana State?

The night curfew will be active during night 10:00 PM to Morning 05:00 AM in the Haryana State.

Is it mandatory to collect the e-pass to commute on the roads during the restricted hours in Haryana?

Yes, the citizens can only commute during the night curfew hours by showing an e-pass with a valid reason.

Where can I download the E-Pass for commuting during the night hours?

The applicants can visit the Saral Haryana Portal to get the night pass downloaded from the portal.

What if the citizens travel during the night hours without carrying any pass and without a valid reason?

Any citizens who are not carrying the e-pass and commuting without any valid reason will be punished as per the law.

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