Google Task Mate App Referral Code : Download Task Mate, Get Invitation Code

Step by Step Guide to Download Google Task Mate App, Referral Code, & Get Invitation Code

The tech giant Google is ready with another project in India called Google Task Mate App. Through this Google Task Mate, the online app users can earn money by doing various tasks. In this instance, the beta version of the task mate app is made available for the few users as it is still in the testing phase. The task mate app is claimed to the fun-filled and productive app to earn money by the users using it.

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The interested users who want to earn money through the take mate can download the app available in the play store. Moreover, this app works with invitation/referral codes, without which you can’t signup to this app.

Google Task Mate App

This article explains the Google Task Mate App, Procedure to Download Task Mate App, Get signup through invitation/referral code.

Google Task Mate Referral/Invitation Code 2021

As stated above, the users can download and use the app only through a referral or invitation code from the intended users using the app. Let us see the status of the following referral/invitation codes in India.

Referral Code NumberStatus
Referral Code 15: DH6U2NWorking
Referral Code 14: 2BKHX5Working
Referral Code 13: PK2MKRExpired
Referral Code 12: RS4T1FExpired
Referral Code 11: D26BH0Expired
Referral Code 9: XH54Z7Expired
Referral Code 8: C90ZTFExpired
Referral Code 7: G9K18MExpired
Referral Code 6: 1KBLB6Expired
Referral Code 5- 57HZD9Expired
Referral Code 4- RS43TFExpired
Referral Code 3- H97YVBExpired
Referral Code 2- 86HZE1Expired
Referral Code 1- 15ZIT9Expired

How to Download Google Task Mate Mobile Application (Playstore Apk)

Let us see the online procedure to download the beta version of the task mate app available in the play store. Please do remember, currently the beta version of the app supports only to the few devices.

  • Visit the Google Play Store on your Mobile.
  • In the playstore, search for the Google Task Mate in the search bar.
  • It displays the search results, as shown below.
Google Task Mate App
  • Click on the Install button under the Task Mate App.
  • It then installs and downloads the app on your mobile device.
  • Go to the Mobile Screen and Click on the downloaded app to enjoy the services of Task Mate.
  • Enter your email id after the app is opened on your mobile.
Google Task Mate App Download
  • Select the language you want to use in the app.
Google Task Mate Referral/Invitation Code 2021
  • Select the Languages you are good at, as shown below.
Google Task Mate Referral/Invitation Code
  • Click on Done button.
  • Then Submit your invitation or referral code. 
Download Google Task Mate
  • Do remembers the invitation or referral codes are working only for a few users.
Download Google Task Mate  2021
  • After entering the code, click on the Accept Agreement Button.

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Earning Opportunities on Google Task Mate App

  • Once after the app is completely setup on your mobile device, you can start taking the tasks and make money.
  • Select the tasks of your interest, as shown below.
Withdrawing Money from Task Mate
  • For Example, you can record spoken sentences, transcribe sentences.
  • After completing each task, you can start earning money to your wallet.

Withdrawing Money from Task Mate App by Google

We are all now aware of the procedure to earn money from the Task Mate App. Let us have a look at the process to withdraw the money earned from the Task Mate App launched by Google.

  • The users have to link an account with a third-party processor for the payment purpose.
  • Candidates can register their e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Task Mate App to cash out the earned money through tasks.
Withdrawing Money from Task Mate APP
  • Visit your profile page, and click on the cash-out option
  • Now, the user will be able to withdraw the money in the local currency, as per the app guidelines.

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Google Task Mate App 2021 FAQ’s

What is the benefit of using the Google Task Mate App on your mobile?

The users can earn money by finishing the simple tasks on their mobile anywhere and anytime.

I want to install and use the Task Mate App, but I don’t have a referral code. Can I install and use the app without having a referral code?

No. The online users cannot signup without having the referral code or invitation code.

Can I withdraw the money directly through online after finishing my tasks?

Yes. The candidates can withdraw their money from their wallets by using the cash-out option in the app.

Is the Task Mate app available in the play store works for all the devices?

In this instance, the app available in the playstore is of the beta version. Moreover, it supports only a few devices at present.

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