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PUBG Mobile Unban in India Latest News | PUBG Coming Back Date, Update November 2021

Complete Details of Latest News of PUBG Mobile Unban in India, Coming Back Soon, Update November 2021

If the speculations are to be believed, in an expected move, the most popular PUBG Game is coming back to India soon. We are all aware that the Indian Government has banned PUBG games and other Chinese Apps in India due to privacy and security concerns. Later, the Indian Government has initiated the Indian PUBG called FUA-G and awaiting the final launch. However, as said above, strong speculations are going about the return of the PUBG Game to India, and the official announcement is expected this Diwali.

It is good news for the PUBG Gamers to install and update the latest versions of PUBG as the fighting game is going to entertain the Indian Players again.

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PUBG Mobile Unban in India Latest News

This article explains the PUBG Mobile Unban in India, the Coming Back Date of PUBG Game, and the Latest Update on the official portal.

PUBG Mobile Unban News and Highlights

Find out the latest news and highlights of the PUBG Unban in India, as shown below.

  • As per the latest information, it is heard that PUBG Corporation will install its servers in India.
  • The current holder of the PUBG Tencent announced that it is giving back the publishing rights of the game for India to its original South Korea based creator.
  • We can expect the PUBG Mobile Ad campaign this Diwali.
  • The latest reports have said that Krafton has acquired PUBG Game rights, which may lay a path for India’s return.
  • Speculations are going that a South Korean company is in talks with cloud service providers to store the game data of Indian Gamers.
  • To make the PUBG game sounds indigenous, PUBG Corporation has tied up with SoftBank-backed Paytm and the Telecom Giant Airtel to publish the most popular game in India again. 
  • It is a good sign that Indian Servers will take charge of the PUBG Game to lead to more indigenous games in the future.
  • Moreover, the recent job advertisement on Linkedin for Corporate Development Division Manager, India, by Krafton has added more curiosity to the latest speculations. 
PUBG Mobile Unban in India Latest News
  • This job advertisement on Linkedin hints that they want to build up the servers in India so that there is no need to worry about the Gamers’ data security.

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PUBG Mobile Coming Back- Relaunch Date 2021

Let us see the information about the PUBG Relaunch 2021, as shown below.
  • As per the above information provided, it is clear that PUBG will soon relaunch in India.
  • However, there is no official information available regarding the official launch date of the PUBG Back in India.
  • According to the information sources, the game would probably launch by the end of December this year.

PUBG Update November 2021

  • According to the latest sources, the PUBG Corporation is already in talks with Indian Giants like Paytm, Airtel, and Reliance Jio to brand in the Indian Market.
  • In this instance, the PUBG Game plans to launch its marketing campaign this Diwali and officially launch it by the end of December.
  • Once after the official launch, we can find the game in the Google Play Stores.

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PUBG Mobile Relaunch in India FAQ’s

What is the reason for banning the PUBG Game by the Indian Government?

The Indian Government has banned the PUBG Game, considering the privacy and security concerns of the Indian Gamers.

What is the expected date for the relaunch of the PUBG Game in India?

The expected date for the relaunch of the PUBG Game in India is by the end of December this year.

What is the advantage of establishing Indian servers for the PUBG Game? 

The advantage of establishing the Indian Servers is it provides data security and data confidentiality to the Indian Gamers.

Is PUBG Corporation planning to tie up with any Indian Brands for Marketing and Ad Campaigns?

The PUBG Corporation is in discussions to tie up with Indian giants like Airtel, Paytm, and Reliance Jio. However, there is no official confirmation to date.

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