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PUBG Korean(KR) Version (apk, obb) Download apk pure | Step By Step

Step By Step Procedure to Download PUBG Game Korean Version (apk,obb)

It is no need to mention that the impact created by the most famous Chinese Game PUBG on Indian Gamers. The PUBG game has become popular because of its attractive features in terms of ambience, weapons, audio effects etc. Despite its popularity, the Indian Government has recently removed it from the Playstore along with other 119 apps. However, it will launch the nCORe Fau-G game, which is termed as Indian PUBG in the Indian Market soon.

Please do remember that we are sharing the information about the game for your knowledge. You can download it and start playing the game at your own risk.

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Have you heard about the famous game called Korean PUBG?

Korean PUBG is a popular PUBG alike game in launched in Korea. It has many similar features of PUBG. The interested gamers can play the PUBG Korean (KR) by downloading it from the Playstore.

PUBG Korean (KR) Version

This article explains step by step procedure to download the latest version of PUBG Korean Version (apk, obb)Features of the game. 

Features of PUBG alike PUBG Korean Version (KR)

  • One of the most popular games in Korea having many features of Korea.
  • The Korean PUBG is similar to the global version of PUBG.
  • Besides, the global PUBG, the KR version has additional events and more rewards.
  • The KR version also features the special currency called Donkatsu Medal, which is used to open Crates.
  • The version of PUBG (KR) is available only in the playstore and the stores of Korea & Japan.

Download the apk file and obb data of Korean PUBG

Let us see the procedure to download the PUBG KR game, which is also available on the Google Play Store.

  • The gamers can download the apk file and obb data of the Korean PUBG KR game by downloading the files available on the official sources.
  • Find out below the procedure to download the apk file and obb data for the Korean PUBG kr versions available.
  • Click on the below links to download these files.

PUBG Mobile Korean version APK : Click Here to Download

PUBG Mobile Korean version OBB download link: Click Here to Download

  • The size of the files are 56.88 MB (APK File) and OBB is 1.88 GB. Kindly check your device space before the downloading the APK and OPK files on your device.

Download the PUBG (KR) Version (apk,obb) @ apk pure app

Let us see the procedure to download the PUBG KR game from apk pure app.

  • Visit the Official Portal of apk pure.
  • On the Home Page, and in the search bar, enter PUBG KR Version.
PUBG Korean (KR) Version
  • It then displays the PUBG Mobile Korean App, as shown below.
  • The system downloads the game into mobile.
  • The game gets downloaded, and you can enjoy playing the Korean PUBG on your mobile.

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Note: If you have already downloaded the Korean PUBG on your mobile, you can update it to the available latest version by clicking on the update button.

Quick Links

Apk Pure Official Link 

Latest Korean PUBG Version 2021

What is the size of the the APK and OBB files of Korean kr PUBG?

The size of the files are 56.88 MB (APK File) and OBB is 1.88 GB of PUBG kr version.

In which countries the Korean PUBG Version is available on their official play stores?

The KR PUB Game is available on the official play stores of Japan and Korea.

Can I update this game on the portal if the latest versions are launched?

The games can update as many times as possible each time the latest versions are available in the Playstore.

What are the additional features available on the New Korean PUBG Game?

The New Korean PUBG consists of additional events, new currency and more rewards.

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