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Khelo India Youth Games 2024-25 (KIYG)| Date, Schedule, Online Registration

Khelo India Youth Games is a nationwide multilevel sports event. KIYG is also known as Khelo India School Games or KISG. It primarily involves the youth of India and was started in the year 2018. On January 31st, 2018, the prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first Khelo India Youth Games. At that time, it was known as Khelo India School Games. KISG was renamed to KIYG in the year 2021.

And its small duration of existence KIYG has established some crucial goals. In the year 2021, a mobile application associated with KIYG was launched. This application is known as the Khelo India app. The main objective of this application was to promote sports and fitness.

During the Khelo India Youth Games 2021, the first Khelo India University games were organized. It was no longer restricted to schools but had made its way into university. The games are essentially organized at two levels- under 17, for school students and under 21 for college students.

The best thing about Khelo India Youth Games is that the best performers are offered scholarships of over 5,00,000 INR. And they are trained to perform at an international level.

Khelo India Youth Games 2024

Khelo India Youth Games 2021 shall be conducted in February and March 2021. According to the latest updates, Haryana shall be hosting the Khelo India Youth Games of 2021. It shall be conducted almost immediately after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Khelo India Youth Games shall be held in Panchkula.

Khelo India Youth Games (KIYG) 2024: Date, Schedule, Eligibility

The exact Khelo India Youth Games schedule has not been released yet. But estimates are that it shall be held in the month of February and March 2021. Usually, all the Khelo India Youth Games are held in the early months of the year, like January and February.

It has not been revealed as to when the application process shall start. But soon, an official announcement shall be released, which shall have all the relevant details.

  • Participants must be 17 years old or younger to participate in under 17 category.
  • Participants must be 21 years old or younger to participate in under 21 category.

Besides this, there are no particular rules. It is ideal if the participant is passionate about sports. Candidates from all across India can register once the application process starts.

Online Registration for Khelo India Youth Games: How to Apply

Both online and offline methods of registration are available, but most people choose to apply online. The offline mode of registration was introduced during the Khelo India Youth Games 2021.

When it comes to registration, you can register yourself as an athlete, a coach, or a technical officer if you wish to register for Khelo India Youth Games, 2024.

Step 1- Visit the official website of Khelo India Youth Games 2024 from here.

Step 2- Registration Page shall open.

Step 3- Multiple options shall be available; you need to choose the best suitable option. For instance, if you wish to register as an Athlete, click on the ‘Athlete’ option.

Registration for Khelo India Youth Games


Step 4– The registration form shall load. You need to fill in personal details in the space provided. You must also upload a scanned photograph for yourself.

Step 5- Once you have entered all the personal details, click on the ‘Agree’ button. Thus, signifying that you agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 6- Click on the ‘Create Profile’ option.

Step 7- The second part of the registration form shall open up. Here you need to enter all details related to your education, relevant documentation, and bank account. Click ‘Continue’ once you are done.

Step 8- The third and final section of your application form shall appear. Here you need to enter your contact information. Once you are done, click on ‘Submit.’ Your dashboard shall appear. It means that your profile has been created. You can revise the information you have entered and make corrections here. Your user id and password shall be created as well.

As a part of the Khelo India Youth Games, 2021 registration process, candidates need to submit their Aadhaar number, identity proof, date of birth proof, and bank details with passbook.

Khelo India 2024 Youth Games: Key Info, Latest Updates

At present, there is no particular information available regarding KIYG, except that Haryana shall be hosting KIYG 2021. But the registration process is expected to start soon.

Since 2018, Khelo India Youth Games have made a serious impact on the lives of students. It gives them an opportunity to improve their skill and a chance to win a scholarship worth 5,00,000 INR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Khelo India Youth Games?

Candidates under the age of 17 can register in “under-17” whereas candidates under the age of 21 can register in “under-21”. Also, the athlete must have a keen interest in the particular sport and should have good practice of it.

How many games are there in Khelo India?

There are a total of 17 games in khelo india.

Who is the brand ambassador of Khelo India?

PM Narendra Modi is the brand ambassador of Khelo India.

Who won Khelo India 2021?

Maharashtra won Khelo India 2021.

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