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Hind Warfare Game 2024-25 | Maps, Pre Registration, Download (apk, Play Store)

After the Indian PUBG, another game is now set to make entrance into the Indian Gaming Arena. The Indian-Made Game is named Hind Warfare Game 2024. It is a multiplayer game developed by Monster Bunny Studios, a subsidiary of Indian Digital Production House TCP Digital, based in New Delhi. The most awaited game is inspired by the bravery of Indian Commanders and their killing abilities. However, the pre-registration for the most anticipated game are expected to start from 3 August 2024.

Hind Warfare Game 2021

Hind Warfare Game 

This article explains the online process for the pre-registration, Maps, and procedure to download the apk and Play Store.

Details about Hind Warfare Maps 

The game developers are taking utmost care in designing the locations of the indigenous Hind Warfare Game. Being an Indian Game, the maps and locations of the game are selected based on the natural locations of the military camps. Let us see the details about the Maps of the Hind Warfare Game.

  • Meghalaya: The mountainous terrain along the southern part of the Shillong Plateau. The Living Root Bridges will be one of the main attractions of this map.
  • Kuldhara: An abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.
  • Around 300 years ago, the Kuldhara used to be a prosperous village of Paliwal Brahmins under the state of Jaisalmer. A ghost town now, it holds a charm with the ruins of castles and fortresses.
  • Vizag Port is India’s third-largest port by volume of cargo handled and largest on the Eastern Coast.
  • After World War I, the port was proposed by the British Government. It was built in 1927 to expedite the export of manganese ore from the central provinces.
  • Paharganj is a neighborhood of central Delhi, popular with low-budget travelers for the cheap lodgings, an epicenter of the city’s drug crime, sexual assaults, and the sex trade.
  • Moreover, there are four gaming modes available online: Domination, Team Deathmatch, Combined Arms, and Free-for-all.

Pre-Registration Link of Hind Warfare Game 2024

  • Once the game has been announced, the Indian Players have been waiting to witness the release of the pre-registration link of the game.
  • According to reliable sources of information, the pre-registration link of the indigenous game will be made available on 3 August 2024.
  • Moreover, the Beta version of the game is expected to launch on 30 August 2024.
  • According to the statement, the game testing will begin on 1 September 2024, and the final game will be launched on 1 October.

Hind Warfare (apk, Play Store) Download 

 Let us see the online procedure to download the apk and Play Store

  • It has been officially announced that the pre-registration process for the game will start on 3 August 2024.
  • Thus, the procedure to download the apk for the Hind Warfare App will be made available soon in the Play Store.
  • Please keep visiting the Official Portal for more information about the Hind Warfare Game.
  • We will keep you updated once there is an official announcement from the official sources.
  • Please visit our website to get more information about the different government schemes, game launches, recruitment notifications, and admission processes.

The interested players can visit the Official Portal and Google Play Store to download the apk of Hind Warfare Mobile App.

Hind Warfare Game 2024 FAQs

What is the official date of the launch of the pre-registration process of the Hind Warfare Game?

According to the official information from Hind Warfare, the pre-registration process of the game will start on 03 August 2021.

What is the official portal of the recently announced Hind Warfare Game?

The official portal of the recently announced Hind Warfare Game is

What are the map locations announced by the Hind Warfare Game Developers recently?

The maps and locations include Kuldhara, Meghalaya, Vizag Port, Rajasthan, and Paharganj.

What is the official date of the launch of the Hind Warfare Game announced by the Monster Bunny Studios?

The official date of the launch of the Hind Warfare Game is on 01 October 2021.






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