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BGMI Server Open Time Today, 29th May Unban, Server Online

Hey BGMI Lovers, we know how this week has been. When the BGMI unban news appeared, every BGMI lover jumped onto their phones. Sadly, they could not access the game due to the “BGMI Server Not Online Yet” Error. Many tried downloading the New BGMI unban version but couldn’t access the game.

The excellent news is Krafton has officially announced the BGMI Server open time. Yes, if you are wondering what is the BGMI Server online time when will be the server access available to all?; we have complete information for you.

BGMI Server Open Time

Many were awaiting official word from Krafton regarding BGMI server open time. The company was aware of the restlessness of the players. The announcement was made after the new trailer of BGMI was launched.

During the announcement, Krafton mentioned that the BGMI Server Open Time is today, i.e. 29th May 2023.

Yes, today is the BGMI server online time. So, if you are waiting to access Battle Grounds Mobile India, you can do it today.

Note: From 27th May, players can download the game, but the BGMI servers are open to play from 29th May 2023.

BGMI Server Open Time 29 May

GameBattlegrounds Mobile India
Game DeveloperKrafton
29th May 2023, am/pm onwards28 May 2023
Game Download available from28th May 2023
BGMI Server Open Date & Time29th May 2023 am/pm onwards

Latest Updates

BGMI Server Open Time Today, 29th May Unban, Server Online

We have the exact BGMI Server open date, May 29th 2023 (Monday). Now, what concerns the players is the BGMI server’s available time. I.e., the same time on the 29th when they can download the new version and start playing the game.

bgmi server online time today

There were speculations that the BGMI server access date and time differ for Android & iOS. However, this is not the case.

As you can see from the image of the post above, it is written:

“If you are an Android user, you can Play on May 29th. If you are an iOS user, you can enjoy and play the game from May 29th”.

Here is the complete post :

[This message was posted on Instagram on 29th May 2023]

“It’s the start of the weekend, and we bring good news & Starting today, May 27th, Android users can begin preloading their favourite game from the Google Play Store. Although the game can be played starting May 29th, it is now ready for preloading.

If you are unable to pre-load immediately, relax. Over the weekend, you’ll eventually get the option. As for iOS users, you can download and start playing the game on May 29th, 2023. Few users may have received an automatic update from midnight, this is a part of the same preload process, and you have nothing to worry about.

If you are an Android user, you can preload today and play on May 29th; if you are an iOS user, you can enjoy and play the game from May 29th. We value your patience and welcome you back to the Battlegrounds. Have a lovely weekend, and follow our socials. We have surprises stored!”

What is the BGMI Server Online Date & Time on 29th May 2023

The BGMI Server online time is 29th May 2023. However, the exact time can’t be conveyed. Some say it will be accessible from 12:00 pm, while others are discussing that it will start from 3:00 pm today.

If you are a real BGMI lover, get ready to enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the BGMI game be accessible after unban in India?

It is clear now that servers will be online from 29th May 2023.

How to download BGMI’s new version?

The new versions are available to download from 27th May on Android and iOS platforms. However, access to the server will start on 29th May.

Why was BGMI unbanned in India?

There were some security issues with the BGMI server, so it was banned in India last year. Now, after taking care of all the problems, Krafton came back again.

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