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This is the reason for the “BGMI Server is Not Online yet” error

BGMI parent company Krafton gets approval to resume Battlegrounds Mobile India. Yes, a 3-month (90 days) trial run is approved, and if all goes well, there will be a total unban of BGMI in India.

After the news came to light, all BGMI fans were delighted. Most of them downloaded the app and found this error “BGMI Server is not online yet; Please check the official news for further availability information. Thank you for your understanding.”

bgmi server connection error after unban

How to Fix BGMI Server is not online yet problem?

NewsKrafton gets approval for 3 months trial run.
IssuePlayers are experiencing “Server is not online yet” error

As you all know, BGMI is returning to India after a long time. It is officially announced that the BGMI parent company, Krafton, have 3 months trial period to ensure everything is in order.

Right now, the Error “BGMI Server is not online yet” is because you are not downloading the official app.

Many third-party providers are sharing old versions of the app, which are not supported.

To comply with the Indian government’s rules and regulations, BGMI has developed an updated version and has taken care of the issue reported earlier.

To start playing the Battlegrounds mobile India game after Ban, users need to get the newest version, which will be made available very soon.

Is the BGMI Server Down or not?

Many players are blaming Krafton for not handling the relaunch properly. They think it is a server issue that does not allow them to enjoy BGMI after Ban.

However, this is not the case.

As BGMI has got approval for a month’s trial Run, the company Krafton is about to provide links to download the new updated version of the app.

BGMI trial approval

This new, updated version adheres to all guidelines of the Indian government.

Those facing this error are using an old version of the App, which no longer works.

Why BGMI Server Not Working, Explained

Here are the reasons you are facing BGMI Server not being online yet, error

✅ You are using an older version of the game.

✅ You have downloaded a corrupted file from the internet

✅ You have downloaded from a third-party website.

When Will be BGMI Server Online after Unban?

After the BGMI unban news, there is unrest among the BGMI lovers. They want to jump into the game and enjoy the old times.

However, Krafton is about to release the app on Play Store, Apple Store and their official website.

As soon as you see the app there, it is playable and no server-related issues will be experienced.

BGMI Server Not Online FAQs

What’s the exact error?

“BGMI Server is not online yet; Please check the official news for further information regarding availability; thanks for your understanding”

How to tackle this BGMI server error?

Right now, there is nothing the players can do from their end. Just wait for Krafton to release the new versions.

What are the reasons for this problem?

The main reason is that players are using the old version of the game.

Last Updated on May 20, 2023 by Hindi Yojana Team

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