Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme | £50 (Pound) Free Voucher, How to Apply, Third Batch, Updates

Scheme Update >> The third batch of Fix Your Bike vouchers is now available.

UK Government has recently announced a scheme to encourage people to ride bikes. If you belong to England (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), you are eligible. Under this scheme, the government is offering free £50 (50 Pounds) vouchers to people so that they can get their old bikes fixed and start riding again.

Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme

This is a great initiative by the UK Government. This will encourage people to make most of their old bikes by getting them fixed for free and start riding. This will ultimately promote good health. In this article, you will get detailed information regarding the “Fix Your Bike” Voucher Scheme. From Eligibility to the process of applying, we covered everything here. Let’s get started.

Motive of Fix your Bike Scheme

The Bike Voucher Fix System was established to allow more people to use cycling as a means of transportation throughout and after the coronavirus (COVID-19). Cycling is a great way to ride while keeping a distance from society. So far, this scheme has seen great interest and is certainly a hit.

The scheme is designed to contribute to increasing the number of short trips per bike instead of a private vehicles. The government hopes that this scheme will benefit:

  • The Climate
  • Public health & well being
  • Road Congestion
  • Air Quality

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Fix your Bike Scheme

  • The scheme is applicable to anyone in England who has an unused cycle (bike) & needs repair
  • A limited number of vouchers are being distributed on a first-come & first serve basis
  • One voucher can be used once per customer
  • The free £50 Vouchers can be used with Bike repairers and mechanics who have registered under this scheme

What type of repairs are permissible

Eligible repairs include:

  • Inspection, adjustment, lubrication, tire inflation.
  • Or adjustment, repair, replacement of:
    • tires, tubes, wheels, and related components;
    • braking system components;
    • transmission system components(e.g., gears and chains);
    • any other essential components which prevent safe use of the bike e.g.deteriorated grips or saddle, failed bottom bracket, failed headset bearings;
    • components for permanently fitted dynamo-powered lighting systems.

Repairs which are NOT eligible:

  • replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components;
  • replacement or repair of removable or battery-powered lighting systems;
  • provision of any additional parts or accessories, whether attached to the bike or for the rider’s use;
  • replacement of any part or component, even if the replacement is necessary and otherwise eligible, by a component of disproportionate value where a component of quality and value more closely matching the original is reasonably available. In other words, it is not permitted for new parts to represent very significant upgrading not essential for roadworthiness.

Overview of Fix Your Bike Scheme

  1. Apply for a voucher of up to £50 on the Fix Your Bike website.
  2. Find a Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme-registered bike mechanic to repair your bike using the list of participating bike shops and mechanics.
  3. Take your bike and voucher code to your nominated bike repair business, and receive £50 off the coast of the repair. You should be able to book an appointment online or over the phone so you can avoid making unnecessary trips in person, but check this with your chosen repairer.

How to Apply for £50 Fix Your Bike Voucher – Online Application, Registration Form

The UK government has set up a special website for this scheme. In order to register for a free voucher, Kindly follow the steps given below :

  • First of all, visit the Official “Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme” Website
Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme | £50 (Pound) Free Voucher, How to Apply, Third Batch, Updates
  • Use the “Register for a Voucher” Button to Register for the scheme
  • Read the details given on the next page and click on “continue”
Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme | £50 (Pound) Free Voucher, How to Apply, Third Batch, Updates
  • Next, complete the registration form by providing all required info
  • Then, you need to locate the nearest mechanic who enrolled under this scheme and offers services.
  • Then visit there and get the repairs done

Related Questions and Answers

When was the third batch of vouchers announced?

It was announced on 11th March 2021.

Who is eligible to apply under this scheme?

Anybody from UK (Wales, Scotland, Ireland) who has an old bike that needs repair is eligible to apply.

Can the bikes be fixed from any bike repair shop?

No, the mechanic/shop must be registered under this scheme. Only registered shops will be able to provide the benefit of this scheme to bike owners.