epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login

epunjab school login portal is developed by the Department of school education, Punjab. Accessible at epunjabschool.gov.in., this portal offers multiple services to multiple type of users.

E-Punjab school portal is a great addition in the current system. This helps the employees and staff immensely.

Those who are looking for Punjab Staff Login portal, they are at right place. The epunjabschool login portal consists of multiple login modules and facilities.

About E-Punjab School Login

When we talk about epunjab school login, we don’t talk about simple login. There are multiple modules embedded into the epunjab school portal login. Here are all the available logins on the epunjab school website.

  • School Office Login
  • Exam Login
  • Staff Login
  • Vocational Login
  • Mid May Meal Login
  • PSEB Login
  • Finance Login
  • BM/DM Login
  • Nodal Login
  • Teaching Practice Login

As you can see from above, login facilities are available for various functions. If you want to complete the Punjab school gov portal login process, you must be aware of the login type.

And for that particular type of login, you need access to the username and password. Then only you will be able to successfully sign in to the E-Punjab school website.

E-Punjab School Login 2023 – Overview

AuthorityPunjab Government
BeneficiariesSchools, Teachers Other Staff
ObjectiveThe ePunjabSchool portal is launched to manage student, teacher, school infrastructure, attendance, and financial data. Middle, high, and senior secondary government schools use the ePunjab School web interface.
How to Accesshttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/

E-Punjab School / Office Login 2023:

  • The first step is to head to the official website page, www.epunjabschool.gov.in.
  • You will see all homepage elements on the screen as soon as the webpage is loaded.
  • In the menu section, you will see a “Login” option
  • When you go there, multiple login options appear; you need to click on the school/office login
school office login
  • Now, the login page is opened
  • You must enter your username and password to complete the epunjabschool school/office login process.

E-Punjab Staff Login 2023 at epunjabschool.gov.in

  • Next login process is for Staff Login. Kindly follow these steps :
  • Open the website www.epunjabschool.gov.in.
  • Go to the “Menu” section and hover on “Menu”
  • Then from the various login options, choose “Staff Login”
  • Using this staff login link, you are redirected to the staff login page
  • Enter your username, password and date of birth
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • Then, click on. “Go”

E-Punjab Vocational Login Steps (2023)

Now, let’s talk about the vocational login

  • Head to the official website https://www.epunjabschool.gov.in
  • Now, Go to the “Login” Menu item
  • This time, click on “Vocational Login”
  • This opens up the login page
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • Enter your username, password and captcha code
  • Then click on the “Login” button

E-Punjab School Mid-Day Meal Login Process (2023):

  • Go to https://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/
  • On the Menu login item, select “Mid May meal Login”
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • Now, the user is redirected to the login page
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • After entering the username, password and code, the MDM Administration login is successful.

E-Punjab School PSEB Login / 2023 Process:

  • Open up https://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/
  • Go to “Login” and then select “PSEB Login”
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • Enter the username and password to complete the login process.
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login

epunjabschool Finance Login

  • To login into epunjabschool finance module, go to the “Login” section and choose “Finance Login”
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • Once the finance department login page opens up, enter the username, password and image code
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • If entered details are correct, you shall be taken to the dashboard

ePunjab Schools BM/DM Login

  • On the Menu page, use the option “BM/DM Login”
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login
  • Now, enter your username and password and hit the “Login” Button.
epunjab School Login, epunjabschool.gov.in Staff Login

All E-Punjab Login Links

School/Office Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/SchoolOfficeLogin.aspx
Staff Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/Home/LoginStaff.aspx
Vocational Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/VocationalLogin.aspx
Mid May Meal, MDM Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/MDMLogin.aspx
PSEB loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/psebLogin.aspx
Finance Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/finance-login.aspx
BM/DM Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/BM-DM-Login.aspx
Nodal Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/NodelLogin.aspx
Teaching Practice Loginhttps://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/BEd-login.aspx

How is E-Punjab School Portal Beneficial

There are various tasks given to the employees of Punjab government day to day. Earlier all the data was managed through files and system was hectic. Due to online systems like e-punjab portal, most of the work is online. Employees can login into the portal and feed the data.

That data then can be used by any of the other related employee or officer. So, this is a great system and similar systems must be integrated in all departments.

Frequently Asked Questions


This is the time of technology. Every department and office requires advanced technology to eliminate older solutions and work efficiently. Epunjabschool portal is an integrated system that enables employees to handle data quickly and efficiently. We all must welcome this type of systems and government must integrate these in all departments.

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