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How to Recover Lost EPFO UAN – Find UAN Number @EPF India Portal

There are many instances where the employees lost the EPFO UAN Number. And, do you know there are various ways you can recover the Lost EPFO UAN Number. UAN means Unique Identification Number. It is a 12 digit number related to the EPF account. The full name of EPF is Employer Provident Fund. A person who is working in an organization has included in an EPF. A certain amount from the salary is deducted and is submitted to this PF account. On the other hand, from the government, a certain amount is allotted. After the end of the job, the person gets a handsome amount of money. To collect the amount, the 12 digit UAN number is necessary.

How to Recover Lost EPFO UAN

This article explains the complete details about How to Recover Lost EPFO UAN, Salient Features of EPFO UAN, Alternative Ways to get the Lost UAN Number, Step by Step Guide to Find UAN Number online on the Official Portal of EPF India.

Salient Features of the EPFO UAN

Let us see the salient features of the EPFO UAN, as shown below.

  • Universal Account Number or UAN enables to unify employee data in the country.
  • One of the largest use of this unique number is that it takes down the constraint of employee confirmation from corporations and employers by the EPF alliance.
  • This account made it reasonable for EPFO to drag the bank account details and KYC of the member and KYC without the assistance of employers.
  • It is valuable for EPFO to trace numerous job shifts of the employee.
  • Untimely and early EPF withdrawals can curtail broadly with the overture of UAN.


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How to Recover Forgot or Lost EPFO UAN Online

There are some essential steps to recover the lost EPFO UAN number online.

How to Recover Forgot or Lost EPFO UAN Online
  • In the portal, a Home Page will appear in front of you.
  • On this Home Page enter the registered mobile number or you also can enter the mobile number that is not registered.
  • You have to now solve the captcha. You will be sent an OTP number to your mobile number.
 Recover Forgot or Lost EPFO UAN Online
  • Enter the OTP on the portal. A new page will open.
  • On this page, you have to write your name, date of birth, Aadhaar card or PF Number, or PAN card number.
How to Recover Forgot or Lost EPFO UAN Online
  • If your PF account has not still been registered with the Aadhaar and PAN card. Then enter the Member ID.
  • Now by submitting the Aadhaar or PAN number and the PF member ID number, you can go to the option ‘Show my UAN’.
Recover Forgot or Lost EPFO UAN Online
  • Your UAN number will be shown on the screen.


Alternative Way to Find the Lost UAN Number

  • First, give a miss all to 01122901406 from the mobile number you have registered with your PF account.
  • Within 2 minutes you will receive a text message from PF with every detail.
  • You can also talk to your head of the department or HR, who has recorded the details of an employee. From there you can collect the UAN number.
  • You can check out your payslip. Some companies mention the UAN number on their payslip.
  • Even you can search your inbox. There may be some old messages from EPFO. From there you can get your UAN number.


Steps to Find the Lost UAN Number & Mobile Number

  • There is no need to search for your registered mobile number in urgency.
  • If you have already registered your Aadhaar card or bank to the PF account. By filling in your KYC, you can get the UAN number again.


Steps to Generate UAN Password After Forgetting It

  • First, go to the official portal again.
  • The Home Page will be disclosed on the screen.
Steps to Generate UAN Password After Forgetting It
  • There you can see ‘Forget Password’. Tap on the option.
Steps to Generate UAN Password After Forgetting It
  • A box will appear, there you need to put your UAN number and have to solve the captcha.
Steps to Generate UAN Password After Forgetting It
  • An OTP will be sent and you are asked to generate your new password.
  • After confirming the password, you will get the new password.


All the interested applicants can visit the Official Portal and Recover the EPFO UAN Number online.

FAQs on How to Recover EPFO UAN

What can I find the old UAN number of my previous company’s PF account because I have two UAN numbers?

You may know the PF account number of the old company’s, or from any way find out the old company’s PF account number. Through this PF account number, you can get the old UAN number by following the above-mentioned steps. If still it’s not possible then contact to the HR or the head of your previous company soon. They surely have kept the record.

How can I get the UAN number if I have not completed the KYC?

If your KYC is incomplete, it is quite impossible to follow these steps. For this, you have to contact your office or the head of the office. They generally keep a record of everything. They will help you.

Is it possible to get the amount of PF without the UAN number?

No, it is not possible to get the amount of your PF account with the UAN number. For any further help relevant to the UAN number of your EPF account, you can go through this article. It will help you receive your lost UAN number so easily.

Are there any alternative ways to recover the Lost UAN Number

Yes, the online users can recover the Lost UAN Number using the alternative ways online.





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