Jharkhand E Pass Apply Online – epassjharkhand. nic. in – COVID Jharkhand Lockdown ePass Status

Jharkhand E Pass Explained – How to Apply Online, Check Status & Download Receipt

E Pass Jharkhand: Lockdown Pass Online Application and Curfew Pass Status are available on the official website. The Jharkhand E Pass is mandatory for citizens to travel within the state. If you are eligible and belong to any district of state like Ranchi etc., a travel pass is required. You must follow the given steps to get your Jharkhand e pass online application approved. The process is very simple and can be followed at the Jharkhand e pass web app.

Jharkhand E Pass

In response to the rising number of Covid cases across India, several states have declared a state-wide lockdown in the hope of resolving the crisis. Jharkhand State Government has also implemented lockdown and strict travel restrictions amid this rise.

The official website for applying for a Jharkhand ePass is epassjharkhand.nic.in. Emergency and pandemic situations caused by covid-19 are highly harmful to the general public. So, it is our duty to cooperate with the government and adhere to the rules.

Jharkhand Lockdown/Curfew E Pass

In a recent event, the Jharkhand Government notified that lockdown will continue till 3 June in an attempt to halt the coronavirus’s rapid spread. As per the new notification, individuals with a proper ePass application would be permitted to travel.

At the moment, anyone wishing to travel in Jharkhand must apply online for a Jharkhand ePass. In this particular article, you will learn all about the Jharkhand ePass.

Applying for Covid E Pass in Jharkhand – What are the Requirements

As told earlier, the process is totally online. So here are the requirements:

  • A laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone with a stable internet connection is required.
  • Working mobile number
  • The applicant’s identity proof
  • Driver’s license.
  • Identification documents of all the traveling members
  • Supporting documentation to justify the reason for travel

Who is exempted from the requirement for a Jharkhand ePass?

In the following scenarios, there is no need to apply for curfew pass and wait for the approval.

  • To vaccinate: If you have a vaccination appointment, there is no need to apply for e pass in Jharkhand
  • To purchase medications: If you have a doctor’s prescription and you need medication, you may visit the place where medicine is available without having to worry about the permit.
  • For medical treatment: In emergency medical situations, there is no need for e pass.
  • For health examinations: Same goes with health examinations
  • For the Last rites of the deceased

Who is eligible to Apply for a Curfew pass

  • Personnel belonging to the Essential services category
  • People belonging to sectors like paramedical services, Pharmaceuticals, essential goods services, and food delivery services.
  • Any other person with a valid reason for travel and supporting documents

How to apply online for Jharkhand Lockdown ePass?

Once you have gathered all of the required information, you can apply online for a Jharkhand ePass. You must first register in the portal before applying for an ePass. This is how:

What the process to request ePass in Jharkhand online?

Total Time: 3 minutes

Visit official EPass Portal of Jharkhand government

jharkhand e pass portal

Visit the ePass portal for Jharkhand at http://epassjharkhand.nic.in/.

Select type of the pass you are requesting for

Jharkhand E Pass Apply Online – epassjharkhand. nic. in – COVID Jharkhand Lockdown ePass Status

You need to select the pass type. Available options are “Going outside Jharkhand”, “Outside the district but within Jharkhand, “Within the district boundry”, “Coming inside Jharkhand”

Get Registered

register first

In the next page, you need to first register yourself by using the “Register Here” Option.

Login to jharkhand e pass portal

e pass jharkhand login page

Now, you can login using your mobile number password. Once logged in, fill all asked details in “Personal Details” section. Also use the “documents” section to upload all the required documents.

Fill in the online form

Jharkhand E Pass Apply Online – epassjharkhand. nic. in – COVID Jharkhand Lockdown ePass Status

After this, you will see the “Apply for e Pass” option. Fill in the online application form for requesting a travel pass in Jharkhand. Submit the form

Wait for e pass generation notification.


If everything goes well, you should see a dialogue on the screen that says “Your Certificate for e-pass had generated successfully”


  • Jharkhand Travel E pass


  • E pass Portal

Materials: Online

After applying for an e pass you can check the status of your application too. This can be done by visiting the same portal and using the same login details. You can easily download the generated e pass (if approved).

Jharkhand E Pass Apply Online – epassjharkhand. nic. in – COVID Jharkhand Lockdown ePass Status

Jharkhand E Pass Online Application : Related FAQs

How to Apply for e Pass in Jharkhand?

The procedure to apply for movement pass in Jharkhand is online. You need to visit the Jharkhand e pass portal to submit your application.

Is COVID 19 pass required in urgent situations?

If you have a urgent medical requirement or any other urgent situation, you may travel but you need to provide the concerned official with proper documentation. People trying to misuse the service will be legally handled.

How to know if jharkhand epass application is accepted or rejected?

You can find out by logging into the portal again. There you will know the current status of your application. If approved, you will be able to download it.

Is this online application applicable to all districts of Jharkhand?

Yes. To matter which district you belong to, it could be Ranchi, Deogarh, Garbha, Chatra etc, you need to apply only via this central web app.

Is there any dedicated mobile app to apply for Lockdown pass in Jharkhand?

No, currently there is no mobile app. Only web app available at the official portal is working. You can seamlessly use the official site on mobile without any issues

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