Digilocker| Create New Account, Username, Sign in, Password & App Download

All You should Know about Digilocker| Create New Account, Username, Sign in, Password & App Download

The storage of the files and documents online has become a significant concern nowadays due to the cybersecurity issues. To address this concern, the government of India has initiated an online platform called Digilocker. The objective of the Digilocker is to store important files and documents like Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card etc. digitally. This Digi locker maintains the crucial documents in digital format and also provides security to the records of the users.

Moreover, the registered users will get an amount of 1 GB Data to store their files and records. The citizens can register online by creating a new account with user name and password on the Digi locker official website.

Digilocker| Create New Account, Username, Sign in, Password & App Download

In this article, we explain to you about the Digi Locker, Procedure to Create a New Account in Digi Locker Account, Features of Digilocker, Sign in, Set User Name and Password and how to download the Digilocker App.

Features of Digilocker 

  • It stores the essential documents of citizens in digital format.
  • The citizens can avail up to 1 GB of Storage Space.
  • It controls the fake documents and reduces the manual work.
  • It ensures full privacy and security to the stored documents.
  • Easy access to the documents using the username and password.

How to Create New Account and Sign in with Username and Password @ digilocker.gov.in

Let us have a look at the online procedure to create a new account and the Sign in with the username and password on Digi locker official website.

How to create Digilocker Account
  • It opens up the Login Page below, click on the Sign UP under the Login Page.
  • It redirects the online user to the given below page.
How to create Digilocker Account
  • In the redirected page, enter the Aadhar Number in the provided field.
  • However, you can also create a Digi Locker Account without using the Aadhar by clicking on Don’t want to use Aadhar Link below.
  • Enter the Mobile Number in the newly opened page, and still, you can continue to sign in with Aadhar by clicking on Continue with Aadhar.
How to create Digilocker Account
  • After entering the mobile number, click on next.
  • Now, the applicant receives an OTP to the given mobile number.
  • Enter the generated OTP in the provided field.
How to create Digilocker Account
  • In the redirected page, enter the Details of Aadhar Card, Full Name of the Applicant, Date of Birth, Gender and Email ID.
How to create Digilocker Account
  • After submitting the details, click on the Submit Button.
  • Enter 6 Digit PIN, and Click on Done Button.
How to create Digilocker Account
  • After you enter the PIN, it redirects the user to the dashboard of the Digi locker.
  • In the dashboard, you can find the options such as Issued Documents, Uploaded Documents and shared documents.
How to create Digilocker Account
  • You can also verify your account by entering your mail id in the Please Verify your mail field.

How to Download Digilocker App on Mobile

Let us see the procedure to download the Digilocker App from Mobile, as shown below.

  • Visit the Google Playstore on your Mobile.
  • In the Playstore, in the search box, enter Download Digilocker App.
  • It displays the icon of Digilocker.
  • Click install on the app, and it downloads the app on your Mobile.
  • It then appears on your screen, and you can start using the services of the Digilocker App.

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Digilocker FAQ

What is the use of creating Digilocker Account online?

Using the Digilocker Account, online users can store their files and documents digitally on the Internet.

Is Aadhar Card Mandatory for creating account o Digilocker website?

It is up to the user to create Digilocker account with or without using the Aadhar Card.

What is the registration fee for getting registered on the Digilocker website?

There is no need to pay any registration fee for creating an account on the Digilocker portal.

Can I download the Digilocker App from the Playstore and create Digilocker account using Mobile?

The citizens can create the Digilocker Account by downloading the Digilocker App from the Playstore.