Delhi Online Property Search | Check Deed by Name, Address @ Delhi Property Registration Portal

Delhi Online Property Search | Find out how to check Deed by Name, Address

In the arena of Real Estate, the registration of the property has been the most important process that transmits the property rights from the seller to buyer. Despite its importance, most of the people ignore registering their properties because of its lengthy, time consuming and cumbersome process.

In order to make the process flexible and make every citizen to follow the procedure of property registration, Delhi Government has initiated a portal named “Delhi Online Registration Information System”. However, the citizens can search their property online and check the deed by simply providing their name and address on the portal.

Delhi Online Property Search | Check Deed Details

In this article we explain you about the Property Search Online in Delhi, Checking Deed by Name and Address on the Delhi Government Portal.

Search Property Online in Delhi: Check Deed by Name @ esearch delhigovt portal

Let us have a look at the step by step procedure to Check Deed by Name on the Delhi Online Registration Portal. This is for the citizens who want to look their property details using their Name

  • The applicant can observe the different options on the Menu Bar
  • Click on the option Search by Name
  • It redirects the applicant to the following page given below
  • The applicant can observe Locality,  Option for Selecting the Party, First few letters of the First or Second Party Name and the Visual Code
  • Fill the details the shown in the form and Click on the Search Button
  • It redirects the Online User to the page displaying the below details as shown
  • It displays a couple of results that matches with the First Three Letters while filling the Search by Name form
  • The applicant now find his name among the results displayed in the page
  • The page consists of Registered Number, Registration Date, Names of the First Party and Second Party , Address of the Property, Area in Square Meters or Yards and Type of the Property

Search Property Online in Delhi: Check Deed by Property Address

Let us have a look at the step by step procedure for searching your property online on the portal

  • Go back to the Home Page of the official portal
  • Now, Click on the Search by Property Address
  • It redirects the online user to the below page as shown
  • The Online User can observe the fields like Locality where the user should enter the name of his/her locality and enter the Address of the Property
  • Enter the Visual Code and Click on the Search
  • It displays the Property Details with regard to Search by Address
  • The user can observe the search results according to the address that he/she has entered above
  • The online user can observe the details with regard to Search by Address like Registration Name, Registration Date, First Party Name, Second Party Name Property Address, Area in square meters , Deed Type, Property Type and SRO_Name as shown above

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Delhi Online Property Search Portal

Delhi Online Property Search FAQ

Can I search the details of the my property other than Delhi on the Portal ?

No, the applicant cannot see the property details other than Delhi on Delhi Property Search Details Portal

Do the online user need to enter his/her full name on the Delhi Online Property Search Portal ?

The user can enter the first few letters of his/name and should view the details of the property

What are the documents one should upload to search his/her property details on the Delhi Property Registration Portal ?

No, there is no need to upload any documents to search the property detail online on the Delhi Portal

In how many ways an online user can view his/her property details online on the portal ?

The citizen can check his/her property details in two ways based on Deed by Name and Deed by Address on the Delhi Property Search Portal