Delhi Corona App | Download (Play Store,apk), Features, How to Use – Complete Guide

Delhi Government Launched “Delhi Corona App”, Use it to check the status of Ventilators/Beds availability, Get latest updates and apply for relief schemes

Since the past few days, approximately since March 25th, 2021, we all have been familiar with a lot of new terms, which at some point had no relevance in our life. Quarantine, Covid-19, Corona, social distancing, lockdown, etc. are a few of them. The corona epidemic has changed our lives and we have been doing a lot of things differently. We shall not waste time discussing things related to topics like hygiene, new laws, etc. as by now you are already well aware of them. Instead, we shall talk about the things related to changes in technology, as not a large part of the population is aware of them. Did you know that there also has been an app for Corona in Delhi?

Delhi Corona App

Delhi govt's Corona app

Yes, there is a Delhi Corona app. It has played an important part in the ongoing fight against Corona. If you are curious to know what is it, how it works, how will it help you, or have similar questions, this post is for you. Here we will guide you about this app.

Key Features of Delhi Corona Mobile App

  • The basic feature of the app is to provide information about the vacancy of ventilators and beds in the hospitals in Delhi.
  • The app’s interface will show you the number of vacant beds and ventilators and also the ones that have been occupied.
  • The app also shows the data of both government and private hospitals. Since the app has been developed keeping in mind the welfare of the citizens of Delhi, The CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced the app through a live stream.
  • The authorities want all citizens to use this app and that is why it is functioning in both commonly spoken languages of our country, Hindi and English.
  • The app is developed not to just provide information about vacant and occupied beds and ventilators in the government and private hospitals.
  • It has other useful information too. With this app, the user is also warned about the zones that come under the containment regulations.

Check Ventilators & Beds availability in Delhi hospitals using Delhi Corona App

The primary benefit of this app is that it shows the live availability chart of COVID 19 special ventilators and beds. The interface looks like this:

delhi corona mobile app

Clicking on “COVID 19 Beds” or “COVID 19 Ventilators” sector provides hospital wise live availability details.

Delhi live ventilators availability

Delhi Corona App gives to app the information you need

In this time, the users must be aware of this virus and the disease both. Many of the mishaps are happening due to a lack of information. To prevent that, the app is also guiding the users. The app shares detailed information regarding COVID 19 plus the latest updates in Delhi. If you are willing to help people around you, you also get all information about how to do that, and through what channels. Several helpline numbers are available on this app through which you can make worthy contributions.

Also, if you are in need, you can call out for help services. These help services will be providing rations and information about hunger centers or shelters for the needy. In case you need to travel and need an e-pass, this app also helps you with that. Moreover, the Delhi Corona App is also providing WhatsApp helpline numbers. On these numbers, you can get more personalized information easily. In case you need help, open up the app, go to the “More Information” link and click on “Delhi Govt. Corona Helpline”.

Delhi Corona App | Download (Play Store,apk), Features, How to Use - Complete Guide

Download Delhi Corona App | Android (app, Play Store Link), iOS

We are sure that after reading about this app, you might be interested to download this as soon as possible. Currently, the app is for Android users and we are expecting it to be soon launched for the IOS users too. However, to make the app easy for use, there is no registration process required. One has to only download the app (only a 10 MB App) and try their best to understand, utilize, and implement the information they got from it.

Download Delhi Corona App from Play Store

  • Open up play store on your Android Mobile
  • In the search box type, “Delhi Corona”
  • Looks for the App result for the app which is developed by Delhi e-governance society. It should look like this:

Delhi govt's Corona app

  • Click on “Install” to download and install the app
  • Once installed, click on open to Open up the app for the very first time
  • Once opened, you will see the dashboard that will display details of vacant beds and ventilators in private and government hospitals of Delhi

delhi corona mobile app

  • You can Scroll Down & Click on  “More Information” for COVID updates, Corona Information & lockdown services

Delhi Corona App | Download (Play Store,apk), Features, How to Use - Complete Guide

How to Install Delhi Corona App via apk File

If for some reason, you are unable to download the app from the play store, you can use .apk file to install it on your computer. For that, you need to copy the app link and paste it as THIS WEBPAGE and then download the file.

Once the apk file is downloaded, install it on your Android phone.

How to Download Delhi Corona Mobile App for iOS:

iOS users might get disappointed as this app currently supports Android only. It is expected that very soon, an iOS version of the Delhi Corona app will be available. We will update you as soon as this happens.

Conclusion: Delhi Corona App is an excellent Mobile application for people living in Delhi. This app provides real-time vacant beds and ventilators information to people. In this way, this app ensures transparency in the system. Apart from that, you get various updates & options to apply for various help schemes started by the Delhi government during COVID 19.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”When was Delhi Corona App launched?” answer-0=”This app was launched on 2nd June 2021 by CM Kejriwal during a Livestream.” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”What is the primary goal of this app?” answer-1=”This app provides live status of ventilators and beds availability in government and private hospitals of Delhi” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”Is this app available for all smartphones?” answer-2=”Currently, this app supports Android only. It is expected that soon this will be launched for” image-2=”” headline-3=”p” question-3=”Where is this app currently available to download?” answer-3=”Android users can get this app from play store right now.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]