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Go Gas Dealership 2024-25, Cost (Investment), Requirements – How to Apply Online, Advertisement, Helpline contact number

Interested in Go Gas Dealership? Find everything related like Investment (Cost Involved), Eligibility & Requirements, Online application process.

At the recent Glasgow summit at United Nations Climate Change Conference, India committed to net-zero emissions by 2070 and significantly reduce the use of petrol and diesel by 2030, which means there will be a strong surge in the next ten years of CNG and LPG automobiles. Go gas is India’s leading LPG company that provides a Go gas dealership to anyone ready to claim a future-oriented business and make a Go gas dealership investment.

Go Gas Dealership

They provide a dealership in both gas cylinders and auto LPG, and NO SECURITY DEPOSITS ARE NECESSARY. In this article, we will fully brief you step by step on how you can also apply for Go gas franchisee.

How to open go gas dealership

Why should you apply to Go gas dealership

  • Safety- No danger of blasting, tampering, or leaking, for the sturdy chemically enduring use of material makes it impossible to be a safety hazard. Fit and perfect for domestic as well as commercial use.
  • Design- The design makes it super convenient for users to check how much gas is left after using a certain amount of time.
  • Weight- It is half the weight of a normal cylinder, making it easy, compact, and gender-friendly so that anyone can lift and fit it.
  • Cost- Nothing in the market is more pocket-friendly than Go gas cylinders, sturdy, compact, ready to use, and cheap.
  • Availability- The brand is available in every major city and small town. It is the availability that makes it a leading brand in the LPG industry.

Go Gas Dealership – Eligibility, Requirements

Land Area

The candidate must own their own land or take one on a lease in case verification, and property proof will be required.


Transportation support and manpower will be handled by the dealer, but the company will support every step of the way.


Warehouse/ godowns will be necessary for the storage of goods.


You can’t own a dealership without a good investment from your pocket.

Various Levels of Go Gas Dealership

Go gas is the number one brand name preferred which has the highest number of stand-alone Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) in India. It is distributed at Three individual levels of an organization, namely:

Super Distributor (Top Level)

  • They are in direct line with the company and appoint district distributors under the predefined categories. They may also suggest the district distributors based on their direct inquiries.
  • Make sure the exchange and transfer of refilled/empty cylinders from the company to its warehouses.
  • Take care of logistics, statutory license support, and safety measures with the company’s support to store, operate and purchase the LPG in regulation with concerned government and legal bodies.

District Distributor (Middle level)

  • They coordinate directly with the super distributor and appoint the retail distributors under their area of jurisdiction.
  • Take care of logistic support that is moving the goods from their top distributor to the retail ones, and vice versa in case of empty/refilled cylinders.
  • They as well need to abide by the legislation and legal confrontations with the concerned bodies.

Retail Distributor (local level)

  • They take consumer orders and inform retail distributors about booking confirmations and cancellations.
  • They offer services to domestic as well as commercial users in their designated areas.
  • They are maintaining legal formalities and policies at their end.
How to Apply online for Go Gas distributorship

Go Gas Dealership – Apply Online for Franchisee/Distributorship, Registration Form 2024

  • STEP 1 – Either you can directly visit the company branch, or you can visit here. Click on the become a dealer option, and the following should appear to you.
Go gas dealership online form
  • STEP-2 Fill up your personal details, your investment capacity. The category in which you’d like to a dealership in, as well as the reason and any other information you may have for the company.
Graphical user interface, websiteDescription automatically generated
  • STEP-3 Go to the Regional office locator on the same page and locate where you’d like to start your dealership or if there is the availability of a go gas dealership in your area of residence.
  • STEP-4 An email regarding further correspondence will be sent to you at the provided contact information, and an agent will get in touch with you. For any support or queries you can contact.


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Go gas dealership Helpline


404, Satyam Apartment,

8, Wardha Road, Dhantoli

Nagpur-440 012, Maharashtra,

WhatsApp Helpline Number- 8530574004


Contact Number- 7666555560 / 7620250251

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