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Amul Dealership 2024 – Distributorship Cost, Initial Investment, Contact Number How to Apply Online, Franchisee Profit Calculator

Amul is a well-known name in the dairy market and is giving many business opportunities to small businesses who want to flourish by selling dairy products or ice creams by setting up small Amul parlors or kiosks. Amul is also bringing its business to small streets by giving the franchise to small business vendors. Many business opportunities are given to young entrepreneurs. It was founded way back in 1946. Individuals who have good entrepreneurship skills can happily apply for the franchise by investing a little capital. It helps franchisers earn lucrative profits with moderate investment.

Amul Dealership

Amul Dealership Apply

People who are interested to start their business with Amul can apply for the distributorship. Just like any other business, this too requires initial investment (capital). It is better to talk to existing distributors to find out how much benefit they are currently getting and how the sales currently are. Once you are sure that you can excel in this business, go ahead and apply. Let’s understand the process to apply online.

Eligibility criteria to apply for Amul Parlour dealership

You can also call the customer care centers to find out more about the Amul parlor franchise program and fill out the application form.

People who hold a store of a minimum of 100 square feet can apply for the Amul franchise and reap a margin of up to 20 percent on selling its retail products. After approval of the dealership, an agreement is executed between the franchise and GCMMF Ltd., explaining the quality standards set by GCMMF Ltd.


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Amul Distributor,Franchisee Business Online Application Form 2024

The application to set up an Amul franchise can be completed in just four simple steps. First, the whole process of applying for the dealership is done online. Then, people who want to apply for this franchise can apply online and get the dealership to run the Amul parlors.

Steps involved include:

  1. Land on the official website of Amul ( to fill in the application process
  2. In the bottom right corner of the page, you will find a tab named “Amul Parlour.” Click on this option to proceed further. This page has all the required information related to the franchise initiative started by Amul.
  3. The Amul parlour page also has links to the Amul franchise parlour for Amul dealership applications online.
  4. Click on the online form for Amul parlour.
  5. Fill in the details that are essential to be filled in the form and upload all the required documents.
  6. Click “submit” after filling out the form.
Amul Dealership 2024 - Distributorship Cost, Initial Investment, Contact Number How to Apply Online, Franchisee Profit Calculator

Amul distributorship cost

Various types of franchises are offered by Amul, such as Amul Railway Parlor, Amul Kiosk, and Amul outlet. For all these, the investment would be around Rs two lakhs. Out of that, there would be a security deposit of arouRs 25,000 that 00 you have to pay to Amul. This amount is not refundable. According to the Amul brand design, one lakh has to be spent on renovating the parlour, and 75,000 is spent on getting the necessary equipment to run the parlour. The total of 3,50,000 is considered an Amul dealership cost and must be spent to open an Amul franchise parlour.

For the Amul scooping parlour

The average Amul wholesale dealership cost required for Amul scooping parlour is five lakhs, wherein the security deposit to be paid is around 50,000, and the renovation cost is 4 lakh. For the equipment, you must pay around 1.5 lakh.

The average cost of setting up the scooping parlour would be anywhere between 4 to 5.5 lakhs. If one wishes to open multiple stores across their place, it costs around 1 to 2 crores.

Financial Aid

The government financial programs in the form of MSME loans are offered to small to medium-size businesses to get the financial help for the franchise program.

A Sample Amul Franchise profit calculator

Sales – 1,50,000

Gross margin earned – 75,000

electricity bill – Rs. 5,000

Rentals – 20,000

Manpower (workers to work in the shop) – 10,000

The net profit that you can earn from the shop is around 40,000

The Amul franchise profit from the parlours would be high. This also depends on the sales that happen for the month. The margin profile offered is 20 percent on the pre-packaged frozen dessert. Amul products that are sold in their respective parlours can get a profit of around 10 percent in return. A few Amul scoop parlours earn a return of around Rs 5 to Rs 10 lakh profit.

Amul dealership Helpline – Franchisee contact number

For any questions related to the franchise of Amul parlour, you can email the queries to, or you can even get in touch with the customer care executive of Amul at 02268526666.

If you have any queries related to Amul distribution, you can get in touch at or ring them at 02268526666.

Related FAQs

Is Amul dealership a profitable business?

Yes, the chances of success with Amul are very high as it is already a successful brand. With proper planning and execution, you can attain success easily.

Who can apply for the dealership?

As per the company, only area requirements are to be filled. But, if you have prior knowledge of business & management, that would be an additional benefit.

Can I pre-calculate my benefit from the Amul franchisee?

Not accurately. You may, come close but it difficult to accurately pre calculate your benefits from the amul franchisee business.

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