Jan Andolan Pledge: COVID 19 Certificate, Apply Online, Download on Mobile

Recently, the Prime Minister of India launched Jan Andolan for COVID 19 appropriate behavior. This campaign has the motto – “Wear Mask, Follow Social Distancing, Maintain hand hygiene”. All participants need to take Jan Andolan to pledge online & once done, one can download the COVID 19 Certificate of Commitment.

In this article, you will know everything about Jan Andolan Pledge i.e. How to take the Jan Andolan pledge online & how to download a certificate of commitment. Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

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Jan Andolan for COVID 19 Appropriate Behavior

In order to spread awareness regarding COVID 19 in India, PM Modi, on 8th October 2021 launched a campaign called “Jan Andolan for COVID 19 Appropriate Behaviour”. Under this campaign, participants can take a pledge of COVID 19 appropriate behavior online, and once done, participants can download the COVID 19 certificate of commitment. On the day of the launch of this program, the official website for this campaign was also launched that enables the interested people to take the pledge online and download the certificate.

If you are interested in this campaign, you can follow the steps given in the article.

Jan Andolan for COVID 19 Appropriate Behavior: How to Apply, Take Pledge Online

Let’s now find out the procedure of applying online for this campaign i.e. process of taking the pledge online. Kindly follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official website of COVID 19 appropriate behavior program
COVID 19 Jan Andolan
  • Once, you are at the homepage, you need to click on “Take Pledge”
  • Now, you will see online application/registration form
COVID 19 jan Andolan Appropriate behaviour pledge apply online
  • Enter all the required details. In the end click on the button that says ” Proceed for Language selection”
  • Now, you will asked to choose language of your choice
  • Choose the language and then click on “Read Pledge”
  • Now, the pledge will appear on the screen. Read the pledge in the language you just chose. Once done, click on “I pledge”
Read the pledge
  • Now, you will get OTP on the mobile number you provided during form filling
  • Enter the OTP and click on “Submit”
verify mobile
  • After entering the correct OTP, you will see the certificate on your screen
Download COVID 19 Certificate

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Download COVID 19 Jan Andolan Certificate | Print on Computer Laptop, Mobile

If you are interested to download this COVID 19 Jan Andolan participation certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Once you are at the page, where you see your Certificate on the screen, you will see various options below the certificate
  2. Click on “Send Certificate to your mobile” to get this certificate on your mobile phone
  3. If you want to receive this certificate on your email id, click on “Send Certificate, Pledge to your email”
  4. If you want to download the certificate right now, click on “Print, Download Certificate”
  5. You can also share it on your Facebook or Twitter account


PM Modi COVID 19 Jan Andolan FAQ

What is COVID 19 Jan Andolan?

It is an initiative launched by our honorable PM Narendra Modi to spread awareness and ask people to take a pledge to “Wear Mask, Follow Social Distancing, Maintain hand hygiene”

When was “COVID 19 Jan Andolan Appropriate Behaviour” program was launched?

It was launched on 8th October 2021 by PM Narendra Modi.

How do i get certificate?

Once you take the pledge under this program online, you can get your commitment certificate on your mobile, email and even download or print it.

What is the benefit of COVID 19 Jan Andolan Certificate?

There is no such benefit to this certificate. It is a participation certificate that shows that you participated in the program & took the pledge.

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