COVID 19 Best Mask | Which Mask to Choose? Find out and Buy Online Now

The Covid Pandemic has started to rise once again in all the states across India. Even though most of the population has been vaccinated, the Corona Virus has changed its form and affecting the people in the name of the new strain of Corona Virus. As there is a saying that “Prevent is Better than Cure,” its now time to fight against the Corona Virus with proper safety measures. One can do this by following social distancing, sanitizing their hands, and by wearing masks. However, most of us not aware of which mask to best wear in this pandemic. Moreover, the e-commerce platforms are selling masks online on their portals.

The interested people can go through this article to select the best mask for themselves and the online sources to buy the masks online.

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Covid 19 Best Mask

This article gives the complete details of Covid 19 Best Mask, Which Mask to Choose, Find out and Buy online now on the online shopping portals.

Which is the best Covid 19 Mask to Choose?

There are different types of masks that people wear to protect against the spread of the Corona Virus. Let us see the different types of masks that the citizens should be aware of when choosing the mask.  

Surgical Mask

  • A surgical mask is the most common masks we generally see in our daily lives in hospitals and laboratories.
  • They are considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), which stops germs, bacteria, and other viruses when we speak and sneeze.
  • They are made of paper and light plastic materials, which are generally in blue.
  • This the best to wear the mask by the people in this pandemic. However, the users can use it only one time.

Cloth Mask 

  • Cloth Masks are similar to surgical masks but are made of fabrics usually thicker like clothing items.
  • It looks like a shield that covers both the nose and mouth of the person wearing it.
  • It prevents any droplets of saliva from entering the outer environment when one speaks and sneezes. 
  • Similarly, it protects the virus and other bacteria from entering the body of the person wearing the mask.
  • It can be easily washable and can be worn multiple times by people.

Professional Grade Medical Mask (also called N95 Mask)

  • N95 Masks are specially desinged medical masks that form a tight seal between the air outside and the face.
  • They are more effective than the other masks because it works more effectively in preventing the respiratory droplets from the person’s nose.
  • Its main advantage is that it covers the full face of the person.
  • However, one should be careful in selecting the Professional Grade Medical Masks because of the ineffective masks in the market.

Face Shield

  • Face Shield is another PPE device that one can wear like a helmet. However, it covers the complete face of the person wearing it.
  • Its main advantage is it avoids the direct contact of the other body parts to the eyes and nose of the person wearing it.
  • Face shields are highly advantageous when we are having proximity with other persons.
  • Please remember that these face shields won’t provide respiratory droplets like other marks.

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How to buy the Best Corona Mask Online

As discussed in the article, people can wear different masks during the pandemic to protect themselves from the new strain coronavirus. Let us see the online procedure to order Covid 19 Masks Online on the E-Commerce portals like Amazon & Flipkart.

  • Visit the Official Portal of Amazon Online Shopping.
  •  It takes the online buyer to the Home Page Below.
How to buy the Best Corona Mask Online
  • Login into you Amazon Account with your credentials.
How to buy the Best Corona Mask Online
  • On the Home Page, Enter the Masks and Respirators in the search box.
How to book the Best Corona Mask Online
  • It then shows the relevant search results based on your search criteria.
  • Please select the desired mask of your choice and click on it.
COVID 19 Best Mask | Which Mask to Choose? Find out and Buy Online Now
  • The newly opened page displays the complete information and specifications about the mask, as shown above.
  • Click on the Add to Cart to continue ordering the item, or you can go back to the previous page and select another mask of your choice.
  • The buyer should give his/her complete address details for delivery and click on the place order.
  • It then shows the preview of the billing and shipment details.
  • Click on the Proceed to pay for th payment process to book the mask of your choice.
  • It then generates a booking id through which you can track the details of your delivery status.

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Note: The process explained above is concerning the booking of mask in Amazon. However, the intended buyers can book on other E-Commerce Portals by following the similar process.

Covid 19 Best Mask FAQs

What are the major types of Covid 19 Masks available in the market?

There are 4 different types of masks such as surgical mask, N95 Mask, Face Shields, and Cloth Mask available in the market.

Can I book the different types of masks available online on the E-Commerce Portals?

Yes, the buyers can purchase different types of masks available online using the online shopping portals.

What is the other name for the N95 mask, and is it safe to use N95 Masks?

The N95 Mask is also called the Professional Grade Medical Mask, and it is completely safe to use the N95 Masks during this pandemic.

What is the major drawback of the Surgical Mask that we are using in this pandemic?

The major disadvantage of the surgical mask is that people can wear it only time and wear a new one each time.