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Sanjeevani Pariyojana – Haryana Sanjeevani Yojana 2021 complete Details

The Sanjeevani Pariyojana aims at the provision of supervised and quick necessary medical care. It is the type of medical care that can be available at home also. It is targeted towards the rural areas with mild to moderate symptoms of the disease. It is especially awakened after the wake of the covid 19 pandemics. Many people lost lives just because there were no facilities available. In the rural areas especially, no hospitals are present. Due to this, the lives which could have been saved also were lost. Thus, the Haryana government claimed that the scheme would benefit the citizens to a greater extent.

Therefore, the Haryana government launched the Anti Covid Sanjeevani Pariyojana 2021 for the people of Haryana for extensive health and medical protection. The yojana is such that it covers even the at-home facilities. It means that bringing the good, quality type of medication to the home itself in case of a medical emergency or illness. It was launched especially after the lives that were lost and the impact, destruction caused by the second wave of covid 19

Sanjeevani Pariyojana

This article explains the complete details about the Sanjeevani Pariyojana, Information about the recently launched Haryana Sanjeevani Yojana 2021, Key Points about the Haryana Sanjeevani Paryojana online.

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Key Points of Haryana Sanjeevani Pariyojana

  • Setting up a local command center for managing to supply the limited resources including the beds, oxygen, ambulance, professionals, monitoring of patients, trained staff, etc.
  • Providing a number with full support so that the patients can reach up to and clear their doubts or ask what to do in a particular situation.
  • Appointing 200 medical pursuing students to provide virtual health services for mild to moderate cases with a limited supervision staff also. This also includes the work of distributing the home care kits, mask, oximeter, thermometer, basic medicines.
  • Appointing the ambulances and mobile medicine shops, i.e pharmacies.
  • Equipping a field hospital and medical equipment also for any sudden spike in cases of emergency.
  • Launching the awareness through various mediums, videos, and easy language about the situation
  • Creating the basic fundamental rules to be followed everywhere

Complete Details about Haryana Pariyojana

The Sanjeevani Pariyojana also aims at providing awareness to the people in rural villages where the extent and devastation are unknown. The devastation of the second wave is indeed brutal and one must acknowledge that and act according to that. But due to lack of awareness, the people in villages do not wear masks themselves which is the fundamental step in preventing the virus. So, they need to be made to study the situation and act accordingly to prevent the fast spread of the disease. If it becomes successful, then a 90 percent chance says that maybe there won’t is any hospital admissions themselves. Let us see the complete information about the recently launched Haryana Pariyojana 2021.

  • It was launched in collaboration with the Deloitte company. It was referred to as the supervised, virtual home care initiative. It was to help people quickly access health care for mild to moderate symptoms of covid 19.
  • These were the great, positive things spoken about it when it was launched. This yojana enables the individuals with support, facilities nearby or at home with assistance. As there is a shortage of manpower of doctors also, in that case the untrained or less trained staff can be guided.
  • The machines can be easily operated by them if the guidance through this yojana correctly takes place. The government aims to provide support, assistance that is self-sufficient.
  • The government wants to help people who believe in themselves. The government will assist the people who understand the gravity of the situation that everyone should not come to the hospital.
  • If in case, it is moderate symptoms and not so severe treatment is needed, then virtual assistance can be sent. Via that, it can be cured and space can be saved instead for the people who are serious and need the bed. People were fighting for life when there were no beds available.
  • This program was proposed and worked by two persons representing the Deloitte and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Haryana, is Dr. K Srinath reddy and Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry.
  • It is a critically needed step in wanting to bring much-needed medical care for people. The simple line by which it is represented is that giving to people when they need it most.
  • It means that the crucial moments of few minutes should not be wasted upon. Those minutes should not be wasted in waiting but should be given for treatment.
  • This particular collaboration between Deloitte and the Haryana government is going to expand the medical ward and the extent completely.
  • It will enable the larger creation of space, preservation of crucial space for crucial conditioned patients. This will in turn increased the capacity that the hospitals can take in for the patients who need the treatment in hospitals.
  • Not everyone needs hospital treatment, but not everyone understands it. They think that they can be cured only by going to the hospital. This thinking must change strongly. The approach was designed to fit for purpose.

Sanjeevani Pariyojana 2021 FAQs

What is the main objective of the Sanjeevani Pariyojana 2021 launched by the Haryana Government?

The main objective behind the launch of the Sanjeevani Pariyojana is to provide quick medicare access at home.

How can the citizens benefit from the Haryana Sanjeevani Pariyojana 2021?

The citizens can benefit from the Haryana Sanjeevani Pariyojana by getting treatment for mild to moderate symptoms.

What are the advantages of Local Command Centers set up under the Haryana Sanjeevani Pariyojana?

The Local Comman Centers helps for managing to supply the limited resources including the beds, oxygen, ambulance, professionals, monitoring of patients, trained staff, etc.

What types of medical accessories will the patients get under the Haryana Sanjeevani Yojana?

The patients will get the home care kits, mask, oximeter, thermometer, basic medicines under this scheme.

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