CO-Win App | Features, Usage : Indian Corona Vaccine Self Registration Online, Download Info

Latest Update : Self-registration option will be available from March 1 to enable senior citizens and people above 45 years of age with co-morbidities to register themselves on the app for vaccination.

Hello Friends ! After a long & sufferings COVID 19 period, finally we have some good news related to COVID 19 vaccine availability in India. Although, lots of talks were going on for past few months related to vaccine availability and distribution, nothing was clearly explained. However, good news is that Indian Government, under the leadership of PM Modi, has finally made a plan of COVID 19 vaccine distribution. In this article, we are explaining all about “CO-Win” . It is a platform that is developed by the Indian government to manage the Corona vaccine distribution in India.

“In the second phase, people above 60 years of age and those over 45 with comorbidities will be inoculated against the Covid-19.”

The Co-Win digital platform included a free downloadable mobile application(app) which will help record vaccine data. In order to get the vaccine, one need to register on the Co-win mobile application. As per the available information, there are five modules in the Co-Win app. These are:

  1. Administrator Module
  2. Registration Module
  3. Vaccination Module
  4. Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module
  5. Report Module
Complete Details if CO Win Mobile App, From Download to Online Pre Registration, Google Play Store Direct Download Link

Before continuing further and discussing about the co win app download, registration and usage for public users, let’s understand basics of these five modules.

Administrator Module in CO-Win Platform – This module is for the administrators or technical supervisors who will be responsible for managing the vaccination sessions. As a public user or common man, we have nothing to do with this module of Co-Win mobile app.

Co-Win App Registration Module – This is the module in which we as a common man are interested in. Under this module, the self registration for COVID 19 vaccine in India via Co-win app will take place. So, whenever the self registration process starts, everything related to that will be handled under this module.

Vaccination Module – Under this module, the entered beneficiary information entered by the users in the registration module will be verified and vaccination availability status will be updated.

Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module – This module, as the name suggests will acknowledge the requests made by beneficiaries after they complete the registration process and their data is verified in the vaccination module. Under this module, acknowledgement SMS will be sent to beneficiaries. Also, once the beneficiary gets vaccinated QR-based certificated will be generated.

Report Module – The report module will create reports that can be used to analyze how the process is going on. Under this module, one get information regarding how many vaccine sessions have been conducted, the number of people who attended and who didn’t attend etc.

We hope that till now, you have got the idea how the CO Win mobile application will work. The information given above explains the working of the CO Win, COVID 19 vaccine delivery platform in India. Now, let’s find out how to Download the CO Win app on Android, iOS platforms and how to get the pre-registration done.

CO-Win Mobile App Download (Android,iOS)

All the above mentioned modules are integrated into Co Win mobile application (app). Users of Android & iOS will be able to download this application on respective app stores. Once downloaded, they need to register themselves and complete the self registration process.

CO-Win App on Android:

Android users will be able to download the mobile app directly from the Google Play Store. Once released, the concerned department will share the play store direct link from where the app can be downloaded and installed.

CO-Win Mobile Application for iOS Users

The iOS users will be able to access the app on “app store”. As soon as it is available, you will be able to download & install it on your iOS device.

COVID-19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines:

As notified in the beginning of this article, Indian government has released SOP (notification/guidelines) regarding COVID 19 vaccination drive. Here are the key points in this notification:

At the vaccination location, the pre-registered beneficiaries (who will register via CO-Win app), will be vaccinated in accordance with prioritization.

  1. There will no provision for on the spot registration for COVID 19 vaccination
  2. In order to complete online self registration on CO-Win website or mobile app, twelve ID cards information will be required
  3. Each volunteer will be monitored for 30 minutes after administering the vaccine shots for any adverse event from the inoculation.
  4. States and UTs will allocate the vaccine from one manufacturer to a district, as far as possible, to avoid mixing of different COVID-19 vaccines in the field.  
  5. The vaccination team will be a five member team
  6. Each session should be planned for 100 beneficiaries per day.  
  7. Three separate rooms will be there – one for waiting, one for observation, and one for the inoculation
  8. If the session site has adequate logistics and space available, one more vaccinator officer can be added to create a session for 200 beneficiaries.  

Co-Win COVID 19 Vaccine Online Self Registration : Process

As the app is not available right now, it is hard to depict the exact steps that may take place during the self registration process. However, we expect that the process could be similar to this:

  • As per the information from the official sources, the option for self-registration will not be limited to online channels as many as most of the people are not well versed with usage of apps.
  • Besides the Co-WIN app, there will be registration windows open in hospitals. Moreover, there will be no charges for registration.
  • However, a new version of the Co-WIN app will be launched soon, where common people will be able to log in and register for vaccination.
  • A photo ID will be required to register for those above 60 years of age. For co-morbidity issues, a medical certificate will also be required.
  • The government may issue a form with co-morbidity details mentioned which a prospective beneficiary will have to fill and get signed by a doctor after an examination.
  • All these documents will have to be produced during vaccination.
  • For the next phase of vaccination, which will begin from Monday, there will be booked as well as open slots.
  • As many as 1.30 crore Covid vaccine doses have been administered so far, as per the Union Health Ministry.
  • India has two coronavirus vaccine candidates-Covishield and COVAXIN which has received emergency use authorization from the national drugs regulator.

Current Status of App Availability :

Right now, the mobile app is not released publicly, However it is expected that the concerned department may release it anytime from now. We at are keeping close look on the app availability and will update you once it is available. You will see direct links to download CO-win app on your Android or iOS based devices.

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Related Questions and Answers

What is Co-Win?

The Union Health Ministry of India has developed a platform called Co-win that will help the authorities to monitor & deliver COVID 19 vaccine in India. Co win can be downloaded for free as mobile app.

Is Co-Win mobile app developed for general public or authorities?

Co-win mobile application is actually developed to serve the purpose of both of these. There are five modules integrated within the app. Some of this are for authorities while some are for general users.

What are the required documents in order to register online via CO-Win app or website?

As per the recent notification, 12 documents including election ID, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension document will be required in order to complete the online self registration.

Is the app available to download right now?

No, at the time of writing this, the app is not publicly available. However, the ministry has confirmed that app is ready and will be made available very soon.

What are the five modules in the Co-win application?

These are : Administrator module, Registration module, Vaccination module, Beneficiary acknowledgement module & Report module.

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