Chandigarh Curfew Pass | Apply online for COVID-19 lockdown E-Pass in Chandigarh

Movement Pass during lockdown by Chandigarh Administration | CHD Online Curfew Pass Application Submission online & via Official App

At the beginning of the year 2021, a new disease emerged in Wuhan, China. Ever since it has spread to almost every country in the world. More than 794,000 thousand people have been infected and more than 43,000 deaths have been recorded. India has not been spared of this pandemic. To try and curb its spread, the government has put in place mandatory curfews and quarantine for those who have been infected. Chandigarh is just one of the areas where curfew is in effect. The government has started issuing passes for its citizens to allow for movement between areas, a reprieve for local business owners.

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Luckily, it is very simple to apply for a pass. It is even simpler because the application process happens online or through the app, CHDCOVID. The application is available in Hindi, Punjabi or English for non-Indian nationals. The app has a simple and user-friendly dashboard, so anyone with knowledge about operating a smartphone can navigate through it easily. After the application has been done, just sit back and wait for the approval. During application, you will need to provide a working phone number; this is where your pass, or rather, e-pass will be sent when it is approved. It is very simple for everyone.

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Chandigarh Curfew Pass | Apply Online for Movement/E-Pass in CHD

The people who most benefit from the e-passes are the service providers and the people who provide groceries, milk and medicines etc. So here is how to apply:

  • This opens up the online application form for Movement Pass (or E-Pass) in Chandigarh
  • On the new page that opens, enter your name, father’s name, mobile number and all details bearing the asterisk (*) symbol.
  • You will have to complete all the steps before you submit the application.

How to Check Status of Chandigarh Curfew Movement Pass Online

There is nothing as daunting as not knowing. If you want to know the progress of your application, follow through with these steps:

  • Just like with the application process, go to the official website.
  • Once you are on the homepage, click on the “Know Status of Your Request” menu.
  • On the page that opens, enter the mobile number you registered with and click on Show.
  • On the screen that opens, you will see the status of your Movement E-pass on the screen. You can even print it if you like.

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Now, all grocery traders, milk vendors and chemists can apply for the curfew pass and register themselves for home delivery of goods to people in the state. With this pass, a service provider can deliver essential goods to the common man’s home… Also, delivery boys and anyone wishing to come out to supply essential goods can apply for an e-pass.

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Curfew/Lockdown E-Passes in Chandigarh Using CHDCOVID App | Download Now (apk)

Chandigarh administration has launched a dedicated app for its citizens. This app can be used to apply for movement passes and get more related information.

Here are the steps to download the app:

  • This will download the .apk file, which can be used to install the app on Android OS

The big idea behind the creation of the CHDCOVID app was to inform people and share with them measures to adopt to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and/or protect others from the disease. The government also uses the app to inform its citizens on any notifications or advisories related to the matter and also encourage citizens to check for symptoms effectively. The CHDCOVID app is, therefore, a helping hand in this crisis. The audio and videos on the app provide guidance, information on quarantined homes and even reports on mass gatherings.

The passes do come with their troubles. Chandigarh is the capital of northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. On a normal day of shopping, you can be able to get Phulkari, Punjabi Dupattas, Juttis, Jams and Juices. Woollen garments, handlooms and other related artefacts. Therefore, on a normal day, the streets of Chandigarh are crowded. To curb the spread of coronavirus, the Chandigarh administration imposed a curfew on March 24th. It was only later that, curfew relaxations were introduced and curfew passes started being issued. This brought the question of who is to get a pass and who does not need one.

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The passes have become a hot commodity. Whereas the UT administration allows curfew passes to select groups (vegetable sellers, government employees, chemists, emergency service providers, etc.) Mohali issues them to anyone and everyone. Passes from these two areas and Chandigarh are valid across the board. Chandigarh, being a capital, attracts people with passes from surrounding areas, beating the entire purpose of curfew. This means, that the Chandigarh administration would want the number of passes issued reduced. That would mean extra effort on finding and shutting down sources generating of fake passes.

Soon enough, people can request for groceries, medicines and other essentials right from the CHDCOVID app, not just an e-pass. The Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a real issue. During the application for an e-pass, you can find a helpline number that has been provided by the Government of Chandigarh. By calling this number, one can get any kind of health assistance and also any other form of assistance. Adhere to stay safe and follow the guidelines.

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