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Udyam Registration Certificate Download & Print – Step by Step Guide

Have you been unable to launch your micro, small, or medium-sized business due to a lack of capital? In that case, the Udyam Scheme that the Indian government is offering is precisely what you require. Keep scrolling to find out more information, including the Udyam registration certificate download.

Download Udyam Registration Certificate

To be successful, the vast majority of micro, small, and medium businesses require some form of financial help. They can obtain the monetary support they want after having an Udyam registration certificate in their possession. It’s interesting to note that this program used to go by the name MSME or the Udyog Aadhaar certificate. On the other hand, following an announcement made by the government on June 1st, 2020, it is now known as Udyam. Let’s get you started on the registration procedure and the step-by-step instructions for downloading your Udyam registration certificate.

What is the MSME Udyam Registration?

Anyone who wants to start a micro, small, or medium-sized business in India can use the Ministry of MSME’s online platform to register for Udyam. It’s a self-declaration method that doesn’t require any documents, certificates, or proof to be uploaded.

When they register, businesses are given a permanent identifying number known as the Udyam Registration number. After completing the registration process, they are given the “Udyam Registration Certificate.”

Eligibility Criteria for MSME Udyam Certification

Only businesses considered micro, small, or medium in size are permitted to apply for Udyam Certification to invest in plant, machinery, or equipment. Based on the following criteria, an organization will be categorized as either a micro, small, or medium enterprise: —

1. Micro-enterprise: Businesses that have a maximum turnover of 5 crore rupees and a maximum capital investment of 1 crore rupees

2. Small enterprise: Those with a maximum turnover of Rs. 50 crore rupees and a maximum capital investment of Rs. 10 crore rupees

3. Medium-enterprise: Those with a maximum turnover of Rs. 250 crore rupees and a maximum capital investment of Rs. 50 crore rupees

Registration Fee for Udyam Certificate

The Udyam certificate does not have an associated cost for registering for it. When you register your company through the Udyam site, you will not be required to pay any charge. To finish the registration process, you only need to fill out the registration form with all of the required information.

What is the Udyam Registration Number?

During the registration process, a business organization referred to as “Udyam” in the Udyam Registration portal will be given a permanent identification number referred to as the “Udyam Registration Number.” The UDYAM registration number should be written down in this format: UDYAM-AP-00-0123456. You can use the registration number to print the UDYAM certificate online or verify your UDYAM registration status.

The Udyam registration number format can be further clarified-

1. UDYAM (first five letters)

2. STATE CODE (next two digits)

3. CITY CODE (next two digits)

4. Next 7 Digits – A unique Udyam Code, similar to an Aadhaar number.

What is an Udyam Registration Certificate?

Proof that an MSME was registered can be found on the Udyam Registration Certificate. You will be issued an Udyam Registrations certificate by the Ministry of MSME if you successfully complete all of the procedures for registering, and this certificate will remain valid for the rest of your life. This certificate features a QR code that can be scanned to acquire information on the companies that have registered with the Udyam Registration portal.

How to Download/Print Udyam Certificate

The following are the steps to print the Udyam Registration Certificate:

Step 1: Go to to register for Udyam.

Step 2: Select the print and verify option from the top navigation bar.

Udyam Registration Certificate Download & Print - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Go to this option and select the print Udyam certificate option.

Step 4: In this step, input your 16-digit Udyam registration number and mobile number. After that, pick the option for OTP, and then click the validate and generate OTP button.

Step 5: Provide OTP to their representative for further processing.

Step 6: Your Udyam Aadhar certificate has been successfully generated after completing all of these processes.

NOTE: If you already possess an older Udyog Aadhaar Certificate, you are required to update it by converting it to a new Udyam Registration. Simply go to their website and fill out the Udyam Re-Registration form.


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Benefits of Udyam Registration

Some of the advantages of Udyam Registration are as follows:

  • Government Tenders are given special consideration.
  • Bank Loans up to $1 million with no collateral or mortgage
  • 1 percent interest rate exemption on bank overdrafts (OD)
  • Protection against the delay in payment from Buyers
  • Electricity bill reductions


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is it necessary to register for Udyam?

The advantages of Udyam registration are numerous. These include getting government tenders quickly, getting licenses, registrations, and approvals quickly, and reducing interest rates on bank loans.

How long does it take to complete the Udyam registration certification?

The official Udyam portal registration takes only a few minutes to complete. However, the verification process takes 4-5 days after applying. You will receive an email notification with your permanent registration number after verification. The procedure can take up to two weeks to complete.

How to Download or print the Udyam certificate?

Interested people can print or download the Udyam certificate from the official website.

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