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TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan Status Inquiry, Income Tax, Verification

Taxpayers can check the TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan online, thanks to the Tax Information Network (TIN). This function allows them to verify that your tax payment is filed appropriately. Use this service to ask about the status of challans that the collecting banks file. It is possible to pay any direct tax using a single copy challan that is payable either online or at bank branches. It is authorized for OLTAS tax payment processing, such as income tax, corporate tax, and so on.

After taxpayers have paid their taxes, the collecting bank will electronically submit the challan’s data to the Income Tax Department. Concurrence is also a procedure in which banks compare their daily tax receipts with information and data gathered by the Tax Information Network (TIN).

TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan Status

What is the CIN in TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan?

There is a unique serial number (CIN) assigned to each challan/counterfoil that includes the following information:

  • Reserve Bank of India seven-digit BSR code and date on which tax challan gets under submission
  • The (DD/MM/YYYY) where tax is visible.
  • On that particular day, the bank branch’s five-digit Challan serial number.
  • If you want to know the current situation, you may do so here:

NSDL TIN Oltas Challan Monitoring

Individuals Can monitor their challans’ progress

This feature allows taxpayers to maintain tabs on the progress of their challans at the bank. A user may choose between two kinds of searches: keyword and phrase. You need to do the following for the TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan status inquiry.

Based on The CIN

  • Click “Submit” after providing the Challan Identification Number (CIN), which contains data such as BSR code for the collecting branch.
  • Challan Tender Date and Challan Serial Number should be included in this information.
  • Sum amount (optional).
TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan Status inquiry

For The Tax Payer To Get The Following Information:

  • Date of Deposit
  • BSR Code
  • Major Head Code with description
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Name of Tax Payer
  • Confirmation that the amount entered is correct (if the amount is already in entry)
  • Received by TIN on (i.e., date of receipt by TIN)

The following information is available for taxpayers who input their tax identification number (TAN) and the Challan Tender Date range for a specific financial year:

  • Major Head Code with description
  • CIN
  • Nature of Payment
  • Minor Head Code

OLTAS challan verification is possible against the financial institution’s upload to ensure they match up with taxpayers’ submissions.

TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan

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TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan Status Enquiry

Tax collection offices may use this feature and nodal branches to keep track of the TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan status in several ways.

A charge of Collections in a Financial Institution

The tax collecting branch can get a branch scroll date and a description of each significant head to get data on total amounts and total numbers of challans for each necessary head code. This income tax challan status data is available via the collection branch:

  • Challan Tender Date
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Name of Taxpayer
  • Date of receipt by TIN
  • Amount

Nodal Bank Branch

The nodal branch can read the following information if both the nodal scroll date and the main head code description is in the entry:

  • Nodal Branch Scroll Number
  • Scroll Date
  • Major Head Code – Description
  • Total Amount
  • Number of Branches
  • Number of Challans

In addition to the data available above, the Nodal Branch Scroll Numbers provide the following details:

  • BSR Code
  • Branch Scroll Number
  • Branch Scroll Date
  • Total Amount
  • Number of Challans
  • Date of receipt by TIN


It is evidence of tax payment made by a taxpayer, and it must include in income tax returns or communications with the income tax department whenever necessary. Furthermore, the Corporation for Internal Revenue has eliminated the obligation to provide a paper copy of tax-paid receipts with an income tax return. As a result, the tin NSDL challan is quite significant, and all information on the challan must be accurate.

When it comes to income tax, OLTAS tin operates similarly whether the tax clearing is complete directly by the earner or via TDS payment by the deductor. Proper challan inquiry is possible there.

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TIN NSDL OLTAS System Challan related enquiries

What is the TIN NSDL OLTAS System?

Online Tax Accounting System is the abbreviation for OLTAS. An essential component of the Income Tax Department’s mission is to gather data and retain a record of every OLTAS tax payment through bank transfer.

What’s the latest on the TIN NSDL OLTAS System match?

In the sentence “status of matching with OLTAS” that occurs on Form 16/16A, what letter F stands for the letter F denotes the end of the course.

How does TIN NSDL OLTAS System challan correction work?

Deductor-supplied OLTAS Challan Rectification permits the correction of both non in the claim and matches Challans in a single process.

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