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Online Movement Pass | Lockdown/Curfew E-Pass Online Apply, Registration Form & Status Checking

How To Apply Online for Movement Pass (Curfew E Pass) using the dedicated portal & Check Application Status

Today, India is going through a difficult time. Every person knows that there is complete lockdown all over the country. As a method to fight against coronavirus, everyone needs to stay home. However, due to this situation, many poor people are stuck in various places and could not move to their homes.

To provide relief to them, the Government of India has arranged for curfew Movement e-pass to facilitate movement during the lockdown period. At present, 17 states are availing these services to allow the needy to move to their respective destinations. The Central Government is taking the services of Service Plus. The said website is providing citizen-centric e-services to all the applicants who want to avail of the services for movement during the lockdown. 

Online Movement Pass | Apply for Curfew/Lockdown E-Pass using “serviceonline” portal

There is a complete restriction with respect to travelling between one state to another amidst the pandemic situation of COVID-19. But some governments are easing the lockdown restrictions gradually. The availability of online curfew e-pass is an example of one such step to help the workers involved in emergency sectors. Therefore, apply online for lockdown pass to ensure movement among the states.

The movement E-pass will be provided if you have a valid reason. This includes interstate travel, interdistrict travel etc. The interested person can apply for the services through the official Service Plus website developed by National Informatics Centre. The list of selected states availing the services of Service Plus is there on the drop-down menu.

Overview of COVID 19 Movement Pass Online Application

The appropriate state needs to be chosen to get the correct curfew e-pass. The details for how to apply for obtaining the curfew e-pass are mentioned hereunder. However, applying for application does not mean that you will be granted the pass immediately. There are specific criteria that every applicant needs to fulfill to become eligible for the e-pass. The local administration authorities have the power to decide to whom such passes should be allotted. You can get the official records of how many applications are submitted and how many are rejected on the portal itself. 

E-Pass | Apply Online for Curfew/Lockdown Pass for any State, @ Website

Application for online curfew E-pass can be made only for movement due to emergencies between different states in India only. The process is very simple. The official website of the Government of India for obtaining e-pass for movement during lockdown is The steps for the application are explained below;-

Required Documents/Information

To apply for the e-pass, you have to select the respective state where you want to go from the drop-down list. Then click on the option’ Issuance of COVID-19 e-pass’. A new window will open asking various details from you. This is the actual application form that you need to fill up correctly to avail of the movement services through the curfew e-pass.

Some of the required fields that the applicant needs to fill are name, mobile number, gender, email, Type of identity proof, category of travellers, movement type, ID card number. The applicant’s recent photograph should also be attached. The current address and the destination address should be clearly mentioned, along with the traveller’s health details. Finally, give the declaration and submit the form. 


  1. Before applying, keep the scanned copies all the required documents
  2. Use an active mobile number for receiving the OTP for completing the application process.


  • Individuals or groups can apply for the passes by visiting the website (
  • At the homepage, click on “Apply for E-Pass”, then select your state from the dropdown list
Online Movement Pass | Lockdown/Curfew E-Pass Online Apply, Registration Form & Status Checking
  • After you select the state, the state specific COVID 19 Pass online facility details will be shown. For example, i selected Uttar pradesh, then the page showed this :
Online Movement Pass | Lockdown/Curfew E-Pass Online Apply, Registration Form & Status Checking
  • Use the link to proceed towards online COVID 19 movement pass application page.

Note : The form might look different depending on your selection of state or UT, but the required information will be same

Online Movement Pass | Lockdown/Curfew E-Pass Online Apply, Registration Form & Status Checking
  • Fill up all the details carefully and then Submit.
  • After the application is submitted successfully, an Application Reference Number will be generated.
  • Please note this number down for tracking the application status later on.
  • This Movement E-pass will have the applicant’s name, address, the validity of the pass, and a QR code.
  • During the travel, everyone must have a copy of the e-pass, either hardcopy or soft copy. Show the same if asked by the security personnel.

Movement Pass Status | How to Check,Track Curfew/Lockdown Pass Application Status Online

  • For this, go to this page again i.e.
  • This time, click on “Track your Application” tab
Online Movement Pass | Lockdown/Curfew E-Pass Online Apply, Registration Form & Status Checking
  • Select the state for which application is submitted from the drop-down menu
  • Provide the Application Reference Number (Or Registered Mobile Number) and enter the captcha code.
Online Movement Pass | Lockdown/Curfew E-Pass Online Apply, Registration Form & Status Checking
  • Finally, Click on “Submit” the check the current status of your Online movement pass application.

Thus, you can now move to other cities by obtaining the e-pass to carry out the country’s emergency services. 

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Related Questions & Answers

People of which states/UTs can apply online for Curfew Pass using the new portal?

Currently, this facility is available for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh,Assam,Bihar, Haryana,Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir,Karnataka, Kerala, Ladakh,Lakshadweep,Maharashtra,Meghalaya,Nagaland,Odisha,Puducherry,Sikkim,Tripura,Uttar Pradesh,

Who can apply for movement pass using this service?

Any individual/group belong to states,UT’s mentioned above can apply online.

How to know if application is accepted or rejected?

This can be checked using the official application status tracking facility. You can check the status easily online.

What documents/information is required?

Before you apply for movement pass, you are advised to keep a functional mobile number handy and required documents as scanned files. Details of required documents is available in this article.

What information is available in the movement pass?

If your application is accepted and passed from the concerned authority, you will be able to download the movement e-pass. It will contain Name, Address,Validity & a QR code.

Is print out of the movement pass required?

No, print out is not compulsory, you can keep a soft copy of the movement pass in your smartphone and show to the asking person.

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