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PM Swamitva Yojana | Apply 2024-25 Online Application /Registration Form, Official Website for Property Based Loans

PM Swamitva Yojana | Apply, Online Registration, Application Form, Official Website

स्वामित्व योजना की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी हिंदी में

Our Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi launched a scheme called PM Swamitva Yojana earlier in the year on the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day. After a long wait ,in the mid of the Covid Crisis Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started distribution of Property Card on 11 October 2021.Under this scheme, the applicants will get a bank loan quickly on the houses of the villages. This scheme assists the rural people to get loans from the banks. 

The government has initiated the physical distribution of the Property Cards. The eligible beneficiaries will receive an SMS Alert to their Aadhar Linked Mobile Numbers. Using the link provided in the SMS , the applicants can start registering for their property cards.

What is Swamitva Yojana

The Swamitva scheme aims to help the rural population by providing loans on their houses. The Government also do the digital survey using drones in the villages and grants ownership certificates to the eligible people. Moreover, the eligible beneficiaries can avail of the benefits of the Swamitva Scheme by applying online by filling the application form on the official portal.

This article explains about the Online Application Process, Registration Procedure of the PM Swamitva Scheme on the official portal.

Key Features of PM Modi Swamitva Yojana 

Let us see the Key Features and Highlights of PM Modi Swamitva Yojana.

  • Under Swamitva Scheme, the owners of the residential property will get residential cards from the Government.
  • The new Egram App allows the better functioning of the Swamitva Scheme, which uses the drone technology for mapping the properties in villages.
  • It creates the record of land ownership in villages, which helps in tax collection, new building plan and land permits.
  • It also covers the property tax.
  • The Governments of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand has already initiated the Swamitva Scheme in the respective states.

Benefits of Swamitva Yojana – PM Bank Loan on Property Scheme

Let us see the benefits the beneficiaries derive by applying the PM Modi Swamitva Yojana.

  • The scheme maps all the village properties, which helps in the rapid development of Rural Areas.
  • Usage of Drone Technology and Satellite mapping allows in setting the boundaries to the individual properties without errors.
  • The respective owners of the property will get the property cards after the survey.  
  • It mitigates the disputes between the landowners.
  • It helps the village landowners to get loans quickly from the banks.

How to Apply for Swamitva Yojana, Online Application, Registration Form 2024

Let us see the online application and registration procedure to apply for the PM Modi Swamitva Yojana.

  • On the Home Page, Click on the New User Registration.
  • It opens up the Registration Page on the portal.
  • Enter the Basic Details like Name, Address, Contact Details and the land related details in the application form.
  • Verify all the details and submit the online application form.
  • It ends up the registration process by acknowledging the applicant with the application number.

Swamitva Yojana Official Website – Portal Details

The online registration process of the PM Swamitva Yojana is carried out in a dedicated portal The eligible applicants can visit the official website and notice the following things as below.

  • On the Home Page, they can find the essential details about the Swamitva Scheme.
  • We can notice the latest updates regarding the statistics of the scheme.
  • On the same page, we could also observe the progress reporting of the project. 
  • At the bottom of the page, we could also observe the supporting documents relevant to the PM Swamitva Scheme.

Latest Updates on PM Swamitva Loan Scheme

  • The scheme has already been implemented successfully in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttarakhand. The beneficiaries from the following states have received the loans under the PM Swamitva Loan Scheme
PM Modi Swamvitva Scheme 2021

Let us see the statistical data and the progress reporting regarding the PM Swamitva Yojana as below.

Prime Minister Swamitva Scheme


Swamitva Yojana FAQ’s 

What is the objective of the PM Swamitva Yojana 2021?

The objective of launching the PM Swamitva Yojana 2021 is to provide the loans to the farmers by giving the ownership cards to the villagers.

What is the use of drone technology with relevance to the PM Swamitva Yojana 2021? 

The Government can map the residential properties in the villages by the use of drone technology.

What are the few states where the PM Swamitva Scheme has been implemented?

The scheme has started in states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc.

Is there any app mobile app related to the PM Swamitva Scheme 2021?

The loan applicants can download the egram app from the playstore to their mobile devices.

Last Updated on February 20, 2024 by Hindi Yojana Team

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