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NRTS NUID Registration 2024-25 – Nurses Council Form, Apply, Check Online @ nrts indiannursingcouncil

The Aadhaar-based biometric identification of nurses in enrollment in the NRTS NUID Registration is in the process at the different State Nursing Councils. Individuals need to contact their local State Nursing Councils for NRTS NUID Registration and set up an appointment with them to do so.

NRTS NUID Registration

The Indian Nursing Council will exchange information on incentives, new programs, and government services/schemes from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with nurses who supply the organization with their correct e-mail and phone addresses. It is also in inclusion, the Nursing Education Update for Faculty.

NUID Registration

nrts nuid online registration for nurses – Required Documents

  • Adhaar For Biometric Identification
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • 10th Class or DOB Proof
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Nursing Educational Certificates
  • Registration Certificate (For Enrollment)
  • 150 hours of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Certificate (For Renewal)
  • Additional Qualification certificate

Point to Remember about NRTS NUID Registration

The online registration for nurses Login [System of Tracking] at NRTS of the Indian Nursing Council Objectives are:

  • Aadhar card-based biometric authentication is free for nurses.
  • A NUM (National Unique Number) is what each nurse gets.
  • Every five years, nurses must complete 150 hours of CNE to renew their ID cards.
  • It is an Integrated Uniform System for Ease of Registration in the National Registration and Transfer System (Counting Nursing Education).
  • The first time a nurse has an NUID card or registers online, they will get 30 hours of continuing nursing education. They will also receive a Passbook that includes information on the history of nurses and midwives.
  • Provide your email and phone number in place of the Institutes.
  • It costs 500 rupees to register for the BSc Nursing program
  • It costs 700 rupees to register for the NOC.

NRTS NUID Registration can be done in two ways:

  1. There is an alternative method for . You can log on to the Indian Nursing Council website and fill out the nurse registration form.
  2. You can then go to your local Agency or State Nursing Council to verify biometric data and certificate verification, which can only be done at a local Agency or State Nursing Council. Alternatively, you may submit your nursing education and experience certifications to the agency.
  3. You may submit your application to the State Nursing Council by bringing your nursing academic qualifications and an experience certificate if you have one.

Indian Nursing Council NRTS NUID Registration Number Apply

NRTS NUID Registration
  • Enrollment, primary registration, and reciprocal registration are all options given before starting the registration.
  • First, choose your kind and verify that all relevant fields are filled out with the correct data.
NRTS NUID Registration
  • The NRTS will send you a text message.
  • Pay attention to the fine print since you’ll be asked to produce proof of your eligibility.
  • is the email address for submitting documents.
  • If you have any questions about your enrollment in NUID, please visit this page.

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Which Registration Method Is The Most Accurate for obtaining Nurses Registration Number?

Both the methods are correct, but with the online process, you can apply within a few minutes and submit all your documents. For offline, you need to visit the authorities for using and then subsequent scanning of fingerprints and photos. Both methods are acceptable, with the only difference in the overall time to complete your application process.

Procedure for Data Correction in the NUID Registration

Nurses who have registered with M/S, the enrollment agency for the National Registration and Training System (NRTS), get the notification that some of their information, notably the scanned copies of their certificates, is not readily legible. They call this in complete detail. Therefore, the documents cannot be verified and must be resubmitted with good scan quality and high resolution. Only those nurses who have submitted scanned unclear and unreadable certificates will get a Whatsapp message from the enrolling agency’s mobile number.

The message will be as follows:

Thank you, Sir/Madam, for your attention. Please accept my heartfelt thank you for reading this message.”

In my capacity as a representative of XXXX, my name is XXXXXX. INC requests the following scanned copies of original documents. Your NRTS enrolment under SNC registration number XXXXXX must be corrected before you may use them. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your assistance.

  • Name of Certificate-1 (Document)
  • Name of Certificate-2 (Document)
  • Name of Certificate-3 (Document)

NRTS Nurses NUID Registration number – How to Check

Now, is the e-mail address to use for submitting all papers. The materials you provide must include your SNC registration number in the e-mail subject line. The NRTS Software system will repair the issue when the proper documentation is received. An NUID card and Nurse Passbook will be given after the modifications finish.

If you cannot find your NRTS NUID Registration number, you can find them by looking for an e-mail from the NTRS official e-mail address. Since e-mail is the primary mode of communication in the initial stage, all the necessary application details are mailed to the applicant directly.

A word of caution for Nurses:

  • Individuals need to contact their local State Nursing Councils and set up an appointment with them to do so. For this reason, no nurse should ever go into the State Nursing Council without an appointment beforehand.
  • NRTS users get the invitation to report any problems or queries they encounter by clicking on the icon labeled “HELPDESK.”
  • Remember that if the application is not filed within 15 days after submission, the application and its attachments go under termination.
  • Enrolling in the National Registry of Transforming Students (NRTS) is a prerequisite for the State Nursing Council with a prior appointment for biometric identification and image capture. Alternatively, you may enroll in NRTS by visiting a local enrollment site.


NRTS NUID Registration is necessary for all practicing nurses and is a government-run program to document and track the available licensed nursing professionals in the country. RTS NUID Registration is online registration for nurses, which is made relatively simple by using the Aadhar-based verification and submission of relevant documents. You can retrace these steps to register yourself on the NRTS portal and should not avoid this at any cost. Share your doubts in the comments, and we will try to respond with adequate information.

Important Links:

Official WebsiteClick Here
New RegistrationClick Here 


Is NRTS membership a kind of registration?

INC does not provide NRTS participants with a license or registration. Participation by state nursing registration councils (SNRC) in an integrated portal to create a Live Register of Nurses is encouraged. Their involvement is not under the support of INC. License to practice medicine is not granted to a nurse by the INC. It is the responsibility of the SNRCs.

What is the purpose of NRTS NUID Registration?

Applicants must be under registration by the Indian nurses who get approval from the Indian Nursing Council and their respective State Nursing Councils.

The present registration system under State Nursing Registration Councils differs from the NRTS method. Is there a difference?

Under the new National Registration and Transfer System, the registration process is similar to what is now done in SNRCs. All that will change is that SNRC practices stay under transfer to NRTS, the only difference. There remains no registration for the INC. Just for the SNRCs. For nurses to practice in the state, SNRCs are required by law to register and license them. In addition to their RN/RM numbers, nurses who join NRTS automatically acquire an NUID as well.

To join, what is the process to follow?

Choose New User from the drop-down box after logging in to After that, fill out the form to complete NRTS NUID Registration.

Do I have to fill out every field to proceed with the registration process?

Yes, completing the NRTS NUID Registration process with all information is essential to provide genuine registrations.

What if I register as an individual and do not need to travel to the agency or SNRC?

The State Nursing Council (SNRC) or the agency must verify your certificate, photograph, and biometric information, all of which can only be done at the agency or the SNRC even if you register as an individual.













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