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E-Sampada | Web Portal & Mobile app Download, Features, Benefits, Registration, Complete Details 2024

Complete Details about E-Sampada, Web Portal & Mobile App Download, Features, Benefits, Registration 2024

The Government of India has led to another digital initiation called E-Sampada on December 25 on Good Governance Day. The E-Sampada Portal aims to provide different services under one platform. This digital platform eases various government schemes and simplifies the processes ensuring transparency to the citizens. Through E-Sampada Portal, the people can avail of various services like regularisation, retention, allotment, no dues certificate etc. Moreover, the E-Sampada portal ensures One Nation One System that combines four websites and two apps.

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E-Sampada Web Portal

The interested candidates can visit the web portal and download the E-Sampada mobile application to benefit from the online services.

E-Sampada Web Portal

This article explains the E-Sampada Web Portal and Mobile App Download, Features, Benefits and Registration 2021.

Complete Details of E-Sampada Web Portal and Mobile App Download

Let us see the complete details of the E-Sampada Web Portal and Mobile App launched by the government to ease the services.

  • As discussed, the E-Sampada Web Portal has been very recently launched by the government of India.
  • Besides Web Portal, the government will also launch the mobile app that will be launched soon.
  • We will keep you updated once there is official and complete information about the Web Portal and Mobile App.
  • Please do visit our articles to get the latest updates on the same.

E-Sampada Online Registration

In this instance, there is no official information any registration process or application procedure. Moreover, the official web portal for the e-sampada is yet to launched. We will keep you updated about the registration procedure once there is an official announcement regarding the same.

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Features of E-Sampada Portal 2024

Let us see the highlights and features of the E-Sampada Portal.

  • The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched a new web portal and mobile app on December 25, 2024.
  •  The portal aims to boost transparency and accountability, ensuring ease of living for the citizens of India.
  • Moreover, the citizens can avail of numerous services using the E-Sampada Portal and Mobile App.
  • The Web Portal and Mobile App provide a personalized dashboard to the users.
  • The users can check real-time status on license fees/dues and service usage archive.
  • People can make all the payments without using paper currency anywhere.
  • The portal gives visual experiences to the user and helps them in giving feedback about the services online.
  • The online facility of e-Sampada will be available to lodge complaints, appear for the virtual hearing, and submit documents.
  • Activity log and service level benchmarks for the officials have been incorporated to ensure accountability.
  • Using this application, one can book Vigyan Bhavan and booking of social functions.

e-Sampada Web Portal and Mobile App Benefits

Let us see the benefits of the recently announced e-Sampada Web Portal and Mobile App.

  • E-Sampada portal and app has been developed to simplify the various government services through the online process.
  • The automation in the government processes ensures transparency and corruption-free services.
  • E-Sampada is a digital platform covering four websites (,, and and two mobile apps (m-Awas and m-Ashoka5).
  • The citizens can benefit from various Estate Services like allotment, retention, regularisation, no dues certificate etc.
  • This digital initiation helps all the government officers and departments because all the services are available at a single window.
  • The automation in the processes reduces the human intervention in the processes promoting transparency in government services.
  • It will reduce administrative costs and save time and resources by reducing visits to the Estate Directorate of Estate. 

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E-Sampada Web Portal and Mobile App FAQ’s

What is the objective of the e-Sampada portal launched by the government of India?

The government has developed E-Sampada to simplify the process and bring uniformity to Indian systems.

Can I avail of the e-Sampada Services both on the Web Portal and Mobile App?

Yes, the applicants can avail themselves of the e-Sampada services both on the web portal and mobile app.

What are the various websites and mobile apps be covered under the e-Sampada Portal?

E-Sampada is a digital platform covering four websites (,, and and two mobile apps (m-Awas and m-Ashoka5).

Does the E-Sampada Portal allow the users to make online payments for availing of the different services?

Yes, online users can make digital payments for availing of various services on the portal.



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