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Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron | Download apk, Android/ios, Services List 2021

Step by Step Procedure to Download the Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron for Android/ios & Services List

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated Atmanirbhar Bharat’s concept to encourage the products and services made in India and are available to the citizens of India. In similar lines, it has recently banned around 120 apps from the Google Play Store. The motto behind the foreign apps’ ban is to promote the indigenous apps availble in the playstore. However, most people are not aware of the Indian apps that are available in the playstore.

List of Services by Atmanirbhar Mobile App

The government to make the Indian Citizens aware of the local apps initiated Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron. Through this app, people can find the list of Indian Apps in the Google Play Store. The interested people can download the app the enjoy the suggestions regarding the Indian Apps. Moreover, users can explore a variety of Indian apps using the Atmanirbhar App.

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Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron

This article explains the Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron, Procedure to download the apk on the Android and ios Mobile, and the services list.

Features of the Atmanirbhar Apps 

Let us see the features of the Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron in detail.

  • The Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron is launched to promote the Indian Apps available on the play store.
  • This app offers recommendations on different services like Business, Online Learning, News, Health, Shopping, Games, Utility, Entertainment, Social, and More.
  • In this instance, the Atmanirbhar services are available only for Android Devices.
  • The app also contains the Atmanibhar Pledge, the brainchild initiative of PM Narendra Modi.
  • This app is eay to use and hassle-free.
  • The Atmanirbhar App includes the Apps developed by local developers such as IRCTC Rail Connect, Jio TV, Arogyasethu, Kaagaz Scanner, etc.
  • In the Atmanirbhar App, we can see the number of Indians who have downloaded the app, the app’s size, and other relevant information.

Note: Atmanirbhar is not an app store alone, but it acts as a bridge to make the users identify and connect to the different Indian Apps.

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List of Services by Atmanirbhar Mobile App

Find out the list of services offered by the Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron.

  • e-governance
  • utility
  • agriculture
  • gaming
  • entertainment
  • lifestyle
  • OTT
  • Telecom
  • Grocit
  • Jain Thela
  • Health Services
  •  Home Shoppy
  • YourQuote
  • Vridhi Stores
  • Xploree AI Keyboard
  •  mParivahan, and more.

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Download the Atmanirbhar App on your Android apk Mobiles/ios Mobile @ Google Play Store

Let us find the procedure to download apk, Atmanirbhar app from the google play store.

  • Visit the Google Playstore on your Mobile.
  • In the search box, enter the Atmanirbhar Apps.
Atmanirbhar Apps by Mitron
  • It then displays the recently introduced Atmanirbhar App by Mitron.
  • Install and Download the app on your mobile.
  • Once after the app’s download, the users can find a list of 100 indigenous apps available in the playstore.
  • Moreover, users can see the list of apps, their size, description, and the number of Indian users installed.

Note: In this instance, we don’t have any information regarding the app’s launch in the Apple store.

Quick Links 

Google Play Store Link

Download Atmanirbhar Apps FAQ’s

Is the Atmanirbhar a play store of all the Indian Apps?

The Atmanirbhar App is not a playstore. It just gives information about the Indian Apps available in the Play Store and redirects them to the following apps.

Is the Atmanirbhar App currently available in the Apple App Store?

The app is currently available only in the Google Play Store for Android Devices, and it is not available in the Apple App Store.

Can I see the list of all the Indian Apps available with the Atmanirbhar App introduced by Mitron?

The app is currently available only in the Google Play Store for Android Devices, and it is not available in the Apple App Store.

I want to search for the foreign apps available in the playstore using the Atmanirbhar app. Is it possible?

The users can find only the apps related to India, and we can’t find any other country apps using the Atmanirbhar App.

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