Free Face Moving Apps Android | Face Animation App apk Download, Play Store Direct Link

Hi Friends ! So you saw some animated photos recently where the face of the subject is moving and creating funny effects, right! May be you saw some video on facebook, instagram or whatsapp status of some person and wondering, oh my God!, how did he do that?

Face Moving App | Face Animation (Moving Effect) from Photo App Download

Well, i find it very interesting too and ultimately found some best free apps for creating face moving photos or animated face photos. This article is all about it and not only i will explain the process to download the app but also the complete process of using the app.

Best Free Face Moving / Face Animation from Photo Apps (Wombo, Avatarify, Mug Life) For Android (apk, Play Store Link)

Alright guys, let’s now come to the point. Here are top three apps that i have found so far !

#1 Wombo AI App

Wombo AI App not only adds animation to photo but add lip synching effect to songs which makes it better than competition. In order to make this app work perfectly, you need to have a camera facing image of you or any other person. Then after you open up the app, select that image, then select any song you like and wait for the processing to complete.

The video below shows the power of wombo ai app. You can Download the Wombo AI App from Play Store Directly or even use the apk file to install on your Android Smartphone.

#2 Avatarify App for Android:

Avatarify app is a popular photo editing app for iOS but it’s android version is not listed yet on play store. However, its apk file is leaked and can be used by android users.

Avatarify app for android or iOS let’s you add animations to your photos. It will create moving effect to your stil photos and there are multiple types of animations to choose from. You can use your baby’s photos to create interesting animations or even any photo with face oriented towards the camera. Yes, for best results, choose photo in which the subject is looking direct towards the camera.

Avatarify App android apk download

To understand how to use this app. Kindly check out this video :

#3 Mug Life App for Adding Moving Face (Animation) Effect to Photos:

Another one is “Mug Life”. This is also a similar app with multiple face animation effects to choose from. This app is easily available on the “Android Play Store” to download. You can use the Direct link to Download.

Just like our Avatarify app, Mug life too creates interesting animation effect to photos. There are multiple options to choose from.

This app is pretty simple to use too. Watch this video for details:

#4 Anyface

Anyface is a great app too but it’s not free guys ! You can enjoy the free trial of the app for 3 days after which you need to subscribe and pricing is around Rs. 3550 per month or around $49. So, if do not want to spend money for this feature, you can try out the above two apps. However, if you want to enjoy this moving photos things thoroughly, you can think of getting the pro version.

More Details in the video below :

I hope that now you have answers to your questions like – How to create moving face photo, how to add animation effects to photo or how to create moving face photo of baby etc. Feel free to check this apps and share with us, what do you think?

Top Face Animation (Moving Face Effects Creator) Apps Download [Direct Links for Android]

>> Wombo AI (Play Store)

>> Avatarify AI (.apk file)

>> Mug Life (Play Store)

>> Anyface (Play Store)

What is Face Animation?

Face animation is a process in which face of any person in photo is edited in such a way that it starts moving and creating funny effects.

How to Add Animation or Moving effect to existing Photos in android?

If you are android or iOS user, you can make use of face animation apps to add funny face moving effects to your existing photos. You can use free apps or even the paid ones for more effects and more features.

How did this face animation thing become so popular?

This actually started with People uploading videos on instagram. These face moving videos looked really cool and everybody wanted to try it. That’s when these apps gained more popularity.

Do i need to pay for using photo face animation app?

No! You don’t have to, unless you want some additional features or advances animated face effects. Basic effects can be accessed for free.