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SBI KYC Update Online | Add KYC Details to SBI Account Online, Send Email

Online SBI KYC Update is now possible, thanks to a great decision by the think tank. There is no need to submit any offline or online application form now. Yes, you read that right !, now, you can update your KYC (Know your customer) details in your SBI bank account from the comfort of your home. This much-appreciated decision was conveyed to the public via a tweet by the official SBI Twitter handle.

SBI KYC Online Update

“Notice of Importance. In light of the resurgence of COVID-19 cases and the numerous lockdowns in place in numerous states, it has been determined that KYC updates will be conducted using documents received via registered mail or registered email from customers. Customers will not be required to visit the branch in person to update their KYC information.”

As per the update, now customers can send their documents to the concerned branch either via email or postal email service. Although both of these options are great, sending details using email is the easiest and fastest way to Update SBI KYC Online.

Due to this excellent initiative by SBI, now the customers will no longer be required to visit a branch to update their KYC information or fill an application form of any sort. This is a great step during this COVID pandemic. This simple step will decrease the rush of SBI branches and facilitate the SBI customers to get rid of KYC updation problems.

SBI KYC Update Online | Add KYC Details to SBI Account Online, Send Email

Please Note That :

  1. Only send if your KYC Updation is due and your bank has recently contacted you for updating KYC Details
  2. Send the email with a scanned copy of documents from your registered email id i.e. Email which is registered with the bank

The SBI stated that it took this action in response to an increase in Covid-19 cases and the ensuing lockdowns in various states. Previously, account holders were required to personally visit the branch with their KYC documents.

SBI Online KYC Update

Name of the Facility⚡SBI Online KYC Update
Beneficiaries⚡Savings Bank Account Holders of SBI Banks
KYC Updation Methods⚡Email & Postal Email
Eligibility⚡SBI Account holders who received calls from the branch for updating KYC

Update SBI KYC Online – Required Documents

The bank asks for Proof of Address (POA) & Proof of Identity (POI) documents.

If you have received a call recently from your bank branch and they have asked you to provide your KYC documents, you must do it asap. The good news for you now is that you need not visit the branch. Update your KYC information in your SBI bank account online, without moving your feet. Before we explain that process in detail, let’s first find out which documents are accepted as valid KYC documents. Here is the list :

List of documents for “Individuals” (18 years Plus)

  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • NREGA Card
  • Any other valid document issued by state or central government

List of Acceptable documents for “Minors”

  • if the State Bank of India savings account holder is a child & is less than 10 years of age, the Identity proof of the person handling the account needs to be submitted
  • If the minor is the sole person handling the account, the required documents will be same as mentioned in the “individuals” section above

Acceptable Documents for NRIs

If the NRI bank account holder of SBI needs to update their KYC details online, he/she needs to submit the Passport & Residence Visa copies. These documents shall be duly attested by Foreign offices, Notary Public, Indian Embassy, or from Officers of correspondent banks whose signatures are verifiable through an authorized (A/B category Forex handling branch) branch of the bank.

At this point, we are assuming that you are aware of the documents that are acceptable. Now, let’s understand the most important part of the process which is sending the KYC Documents to the bank branch. This can be done online via email and offline via Postal mail. As sending email is the fastest and most convenient way, we will focus on that.

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How to Update SBI KYC Online

You are requested to understand all steps of the process given below to easily update or add you’re Know your Consumer (KYC) details in your Savings banks account of any SBI branch.

How to Update KYC Details of SBI Savings Bank Account

Total Time: 5 minutes

Scan your Documents

Scan documents

The very first step of the process is to scan your documents. Make sure you have any valid document as per the list given. You can easily scan your documents using mobile app.

Find Branch Email ID

SBI KYC Update Online | Add KYC Details to SBI Account Online, Send Email

In order to send an email to the branch, you must first know the email address of the branch. Use the SBI branch locator tool to find the branch email address.

Draft an email from your registered email ID.

write email to sbi branch

Now, you need to draft an email, which clearly mentions the purpose of your email. Attached the scanned documents and send the email.

In order to help you guys out, we are providing sample email content that you can use. Do not forget to add your details wherever required:

SBI Online KYC Update Request: Sample Email Format

Email Subject : KYC Update for Account Number (Enter your Account Number Here)

Respected Sir/Mam,

I recently received a call from the branch regarding KYC Updation. I was told that KYC documents are not updated by me. In order to address this, I am sending the scanned documents.

I have attached :

  1. Aadhaar Card (Or Name any other document that you are attaching)
  2. PAN Card (Or Name any other document that you are attaching)

My SBI Account Details are :

Account Type : Savings

Account Holder Name : ” Your Name Here”

Account Number : “Your Bank Account Number”

Registered Mobile Number : “Your Number Here”

Registered Email ID : “Your Registered Email ID Here”

Kindly keep me updated with the KYC Updation process.


(Your Name)


Updating SBI KYC Online: Related Questions and Answers

Has SBI started any online facility to update KYC details?

Yes. The bank has recently started the online KYC Information updation facility. This will allow the customers to send their documents directly to branch via email (or postal mail). The concerned bank branch will verify the received documents and process the KYC validation.

I have not received any call from the branch regarding this, shall i update my details too?

If you haven’t received any call from bank, you need not to worry.

I don’t know the email address of my branch. Where to send email then?

If you are not aware of the official email address of the branch, you can use the SBI Branch locator tool to find the details.

Is it possible to send postal mail for this service?

Yes, the branch will accept both email & postal mail. If you are comfortable sending postal mail, you can do so by sending your self-attested document copies to the branch address.

SBI Toll Free Number : 1800 425 3800

Official Update Check Here
SBI Branch Locator Check Here

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