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How to Check Balance in Bhim App | Bhim UPI Bank Balance Checking Guide 2024-25

Find Out How to Check Balance in Bhim App | Bhim UPI Bank Balance Checking Guide 2024

With the increasing number of mobile and internet users, the usage of mobile apps for various activities like banking and payments has been surprisingly increased for a few years. There are a good number of the app providing services such as making the payments online. The BHIM UPI also termed as the Bharat Interface for Money has become most famous for making payments on through Mobile.

How to Check Balance in Bhim App | Bhim UPI Bank Balance Checking Guide 2024-25

Using the BHIM UPI app, we can transfer or receive money from anyone irrespective of the bank account he is maintaining.

Using the BHIM UPI App is quite simple; the users have to install the BHIM App on thier Mobile as continue their payments online and check the balance after the balance on thier mobile devices.

How to Check Balance in Bhim App | Bhim UPI Bank Balance Checking Guide 2024

In this article, we guide you about the procedure to check Balance in Bhim App, and the Bhim UPI Balance Checking Guide. 

Benefits of using BHIM App

The users can derive the following benefits of using the BHIM App, as shown below.

  • Using BHIM, we can send and receive money from friends, family, customers etc.
  • Can make cashless payments anywhere.
  • It is a safe and secure way to transfer money.
  • Everyone who is having a bank account and a smartphone can access the BHIM UPI App.
  • It saves time and energy in making payments and cash transfers.

How to Check Balance in Bhim App

Let us see the procedure to check the balance in Bhim App.

  • Visit the BHIM App on your Mobile
  • It takes you to the given page on the app on your Mobile.
How to Check Balance in Bhim App
  • It displays the profile of you with the QR Code, as shown below.
  • On the Right Hand Side of the Screen, Click on the three vertical dots.
  • It then displays the settings, as shown in the above image.
  • Click on the settings option; then it takes you to the below page.

Bhim UPI Balance Checking Guide 2021

  • In the above page displayed on the mobile, click on the Request Balance.
How to Check Balance in Bhim App
  • After clicking on the Request Balance, it then shows the balance amount left in your bank account.
  • Along with the Bank Balance, you can also see the Transaction History that is about the credits and debits in your account.
How to Check Balance in Bhim App

Note : If there are any deviations in the account balance, you can contact the customer through mail or helpline number, and they will answer your queries.

Quick Links

Download BHIM User Manual PDF

BHIM UPI Official Website

How to Check Balance in Bhim APP FAQ

What are the minimum requirements to use the BHIM UPI App on my Mobile?

The user should have a bank account, Smart Mobile Phone and the Registered Mobile Number linked with the Bank account to use BHIM UPI App.

Can I check my account balance in offline mode?

Yes, you can visit the nearest branch to check your account balance in offline mode.

How to Check my account balance on the BHIM App?

You can go to the profile page of the app, click the settings options and then request for checking your account balance.

Can I contact the Helpline if I lose my balance amount without my knowledge?

Yes, you can contact the Helpline regarding different complaints and queries regarding the loss of balance and other technical issues.

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