Baal Aadhaar Card Online Registration Form 2021 | UIDAI Blue Colour Card for Children Apply

Step by Step Guide to Apply Baal Aadhaar Card (UIDAI Blue Colour Card for Children) Online Registration Form 2021 

We are all aware of the impact the UIDAI Aadhar Cards have created in India. The Aadhar Cards have become a mandatory document, and it has become compulsory for applying the government and non-governmental schemes by the citizens. The Government of India now has led to another initiation Bal Aadhaar Cards. Under this scheme, the government will distribute blue-coloured Baal Aadhaar Cards to the children below 5 years of age. The main motto of this scheme is to provide the Aadhaar Cards to the infants whose fingerprints are not fully developed to take bio-metrics.

Baal Aadhaar Card Online Registration Form 2021

The aspirant parents can apply for the Baal Aadhaar Cards and the Online Registration Form 2021 on the portal.

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Baal Aadhaar Card Online Registration Form 2021

This article explains the Baal Aadhaar Card Online, Features, Online Registration Form to apply for UIDAI Blue Colored Aadhaar Card for children on the official website.

Features of Baal Aadhar Cards

  • The Baal Aadhaar Card is dedicated to all children below five years and new-borns.
  • There is no need of giving the biometric of the child.
  • The child’s photograph is enough as a proof for Aadhaar Enrollment.
  • It is mandatory to give the Aadhaar Card of any one of the parents.
  • In case if both the parents don’t have Aadhaar, they have to get enrolled for Aadhaar first.
  • Once the child is five years old, he/she has to provide the biometric data of all ten fingers and iris scan.
  • The same process has to be repeated when the child attains the age of 15 years.

Apply for Baal Aadhaar (UIDAI Blue Color Card)

Let us see the online procedure to apply and register for the UIDAI Blue Color Aadhaar Card for Children.

  • Visit the Official Portal of UIDAI.
  • It takes the online user to the Home Page.
Baal Aadhaar Card Online
  • Go to the Get Aadhaar Section on the same page.
  • Under the Same Section, Click on the Book Appointment.
  • It redirects the user to the below page.
Apply for Baal Aadhaar (UIDAI Blue Color Card)
  • In the newly opened page, select your city/location.
  • Click on Proceed to Book Appointment.
  • It then redirects to the following page below.
UIDAI Blue Color Card
  • Enter Your Mobile Number in the respective field.
  • Enter the Captcha Code, as shown on the page.
  • Click on Get OTP button.
  • It then generates an OTP to the provided mobile number.
  • Copy the OTP from your mobile and paste it in the given field.
  • Click on the Verify OTP.
  • It redirects the applicant to the below page.
Children Aadhaar Card Online Registration Form 2021
  • In the Select Enrollment type, choose the option-New Aadhaar or Update Existing Aadhaar Details.
  • Select the option – New Aadhaar.
Aadhaar Card for Children
  • It then expands into Personal Details Section, as shown below.
  • Enter Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth.
  • Answer the question-Do you have identity and address.
  • Select any three proofs of identity from the drop-down.
  • Enter the Complete Address Details such as Pin Code, C/o Name, House No., Street, Land Mark and Area.
  • Enter Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • After that, you have to select the Appointment Details on the next page.
  • After that, you will receive an acknowledgement with the appointment details.
  • Print the Acknowledgement Details for future reference.

Children Aadhaar Card Online Registration Form 2021

  • On the Appointment Date, Carry all the necessary documents of your child to the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. (Photograph is enough for Children under five years)
  • After the verification is done, the child will get a Blue Colored Children Aadhaar Card.

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UIDAI Official Website

Aadhaar Card for Children FAQ’s

Who are eligible for applying for the Baal Aadhaar Cards on the portal?

The parents of the children of age 0 to 5 years are eligible to apply for the Aadhaar Cards on the website.

Is it mandatory to produce the Aadhaar Card of the Parent for verification at the Aadhaar Centre?

It is mandatory to produce the Aadhaar Card of the Parent for verification while applying for the Baal Aadhaar Card.

Do the children below 5 years are required to give their biometrics at the Aadhaar Centre?

The photograph of the child is enough while applying for the Blue Colored Children ID Card.

What if both the parents do not have the Aadhaar Cards?

If both the parents do not have the Aadhaar Cards, they have to apply for themselves first and later for the child.

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